Can You Sue a Bar for Overserving in Texas?

Can a bar be held liable for a drunk driver? Yes, you can sue a bar for overserving a patron under the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, also known as the Texas Dram Shop Act. To sue a bar for overserving, you must be able to show that the bar either overserved a customer or knew...

Is There a Downside to Record Alcohol Sales in Texas?

In May 2021, Texas bars, restaurants, and other licensed alcohol vendors sold $742,884,835 worth of beer, wine, and spirits. This eclipsed the previous record of $722 million in monthly sales from March 2019. Coupled with near-record sales in April 2021 ($689 million, the third-highest monthly sales on record), it certainly appears that Texas drank away...

One Danger to Police Officers Will Continue Until We Hold Bars Accountable

Mention police officers and drunk drivers in the same sentence, and I'll bet most people will assume that you're talking about the role that police play catching drunk drivers and protecting the public. What many people never consider is the threat that drunk drivers pose to the police. Given that the hours when most police...

It’s 2020: Why Doesn’t Texas Require Bars to Carry Liquor Liability Insurance?

Texas lawmakers and the public have to make a choice. Drunk driving accidents not only kill and maim, but they leave tremendous financial devastation in their wake. As a community, we must decide who bears that cost. Should drunk drivers and lawbreaking bars pay or victims and the general public? The answer seems obvious to me.

Client Stories: Motorcyclist Injured by Drunk Driver Served at Wingstop

The events of this case occurred in May of 2019 in Odessa, TX. According to the police report, a 34-year old man was driving west in a stolen BMW 325i sedan when he failed to yield the right of way to a motorcycle while attempting a left turn. This led the BMW to strike the motorcycle, ejecting our client.