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Our winning track record speaks for itself.

In the past 20 years Grossman Law Offices has collected millions of dollars for our clients. In fact, our Dallas personal injury attorneys have been inducted to the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an honor bestowed on less than 1% of all U.S. attorneys. We pride ourselves on our ability to maximize the value of every case to ensure that our clients get the maximum recovery possible… but we feel that success can be measured in just more than monetary terms.

Some of our Legal Successes

For most of our clients, we meet them when the worst thing that ever could happen to them has happened. We know that they want more than an attorney; they want someone who will listen attentively, treat them with respect, and guide them toward a successful resolution of their legal dilemma. We pride ourselves on possessing precisely those traits, as our former clients are happy to attest.

We work every day to help clients who have lost a loved one understand what happened and to ensure that it won't happen to anyone else. Further, each new day gives us an opportunity to help someone repair more than their broken body, but to regain the dignity and respect that comes from knowing that when life threw them a curve ball, the Texas court system provided them with the means to bring the responsible party to justice. We are honored to be a part of these experiences.

What We Do

Our Dallas attorneys handle a variety of cases, all across The State of Texas.
But there are a few practices areas we truly excel at:

Car Accidents

Many firms in Texas handle minor car accident cases by the thousand. Not us. We are not a volume operation. Our Dallas car accident attorneys handle a select number of car wreck cases, with a particular focus on serious and catastrophic injury claims and fatal car accidents. If you have a fender-bender accident case, we’re not the firm for you. If you have a serious auto accident, however, hire the best.

18-Wheeler / Truck Accidents

A few years ago, a potential client was comparing our firm to another group of Dallas truck accident attorneys. Our competitors bragged about having 7 commercial vehicle accident cases at the time. The client asked if we could possibly match their experience. We then showed them our docket which had 70 serious injury and fatal commercial vehicle cases. The point is, we handle more 18-wheeler and commercial vehicle accident cases than practically any firm in Texas.

Wrongful Death

At any point in time, about half of our docket consists of fatal accident cases. Our wrongful death attorneys understand that these cases are about more than money, and we have the experience and know-how to get our clients what they truly want: some assurance that the guilty party will never make another family experience such terrible loss.

Liquor Liability / Texas Dram Shop Law

Most people are unaware just how common drunk driving accidents are in The State of Texas. Our Dallas dram shop lawyers are doing something about this problem, by suing drunk drivers and the bars who  serve customers whom they know are already dangerously drunk. We have litigated against many of the biggest alcohol providers in the state, including Hooters, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Alamo Draft House, Sherlock’s and many others. No other firm in Texas can match our experience in liquor liability cases.

Fatal Work Accidents

Texas work injury is somewhat odd. There are basically three distinct sets of laws that can apply to a serious work injury. One pertains to employers who opt in to the state’s workers’ compensation program (subscribers), another governs employers who opt out (non-subscribers), and another applies to work injuries wherein a worker is hurt on the job, yet someone who doesn’t work for the same company (third-party). Our attorneys have handled hundreds of work injury cases, including numerous non-subscriber work injury cases and gross negligence workers’ compensation cases.


  • You Don’t Pay Us a Dime Unless We Win

    You Don’t Pay Us a Dime Unless We Win

    Our clients don't pay for a consultation, nor do they pay us a single dime unless we win. Literally. That means that we take their case, we invest numerous hours of our time, capital, and other resources, and they never pay us from their own pocket under any circumstances. We get paid a out of the settlement or we don’t get paid at all. Period.
  • We Really Make Ourselves Available

    We Really Make Ourselves Available

    Simply put, there is no other firm in the state of Texas that makes themselves as available to their clients are we do. Our clients get our cell phone numbers and our office phones get forwarded to our attorneys after hours. We spend hours every day just explaining, to both our clients and prospective clients alike, how the law works and how we will strategize to get them the results that they’re looking for. We also make house calls.
  • We Truly Care About Our Clients

    We Truly Care About Our Clients

    We believe money is only part of the equation. When prospective clients reachout to us, we understand that they are likely going through one of the the most difficult times of their lives. Our firm is compassionate, respectful, and dedicated to helping clients find out what what went wrong and why. It’s import an to us that our clients feel like they are in good hands.

What our clients say about us

Grossman Law Offices are the best attorneys that I know. They helped me when my husband was killed in a railroad accident.
R. Seagroves Former Client R. Seagroves
After my son was killed in an automobile accident, I contacted Grossman Law Offices. Mike came down and met with me and assured me he could represent my son and be his voice for justice. These great attorneys took care of all the legal representation and did a phenomenal job. I would recommend them to anyone seeking excellent attorneys! Not only are they equipped to handle the legal aspects, they also show a lot of compassion to their clients.
C. Mossier Former Client C. Mossier
Our daughter died in an assisted living facility/nursing home due to neglect. We hired Grossman Law Offices to go after the facility that caused our daughter's death. Michael Grossman (and staff) were professional, thorough and diligent in pursuing a settlement and some justice for Cindy. Nothing can replace Cindy in our lives but this case has shown us that negligence and harm to a child must be paid for. Thank you for all your hard work.
W. Gant Former Client W. Gant
My wife Debra and I were treated in an expedient and personal manner. Mr. Grossman and his staff took care of everything and kept me aware of the status of my case every step of the way. We will definitely be using Grossman Law Offices for all of our future legal matters and I recommend them to anyone who needs a good attorney on their side.
P. Hogan Former Client P. Hogan
Michael Grossman recently tried a case for me. The case was very sensitive and very important to me and my family. As the trial progressed things were looking a little shaky. Mr. Grossman was able to take this difficult case and turn it into a winner. What a relief! It felt like the weight of the world was taken off of my shoulders. I would recommend Mr. Grossman to anyone looking for an excellent trial attorney. My faith in Mr. Grossman and his staff was handsomely rewarded. Justice prevailed!
K. Moore Former Client K. Moore
I was involved in a serious personal injury accident. Mr. Grossman's experience and aggressiveness in handling my case resulted in a great settlement! When I was injured, I knew I needed a well-established law firm with substantial resources. Mr. Grossman and his staff showed a genuine concern for my family and me. Mr. Grossman took a personal approach in a way that he handled my case. Mr. Grossman and his staff took good care me and my family. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has a significant injury from an accident.
E. McClure Former Client E. McClure

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