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Who Investigates 18-Wheeler Accidents in Texas?

According to NHTSA statistics, Texas tends to see more fatal commercial truck accidents annually than any other state. It's obviously important to investigate each of those incidents carefully and thoroughly, both to help the victims and hopefully to reduce the number of future crashes. Those investigations can be quite complicated, however, and many different parties...

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Can I Trust a Trucking Company’s Insurer?

Trucking insurance companies are most often responsible for paying injured victims after an 18-wheeler accident, but they'll do everything they can to avoid it. Their actions in pursuit of that goal may vary, but they'll try hard to protect the company's assets and avoid honoring their client's commercial policy. That may lead people to wonder:...

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How Do I Prove the Truck Driver Who Hit Me Was Intoxicated?

By their sheer size and bulk alone, tractor-trailers are already inherently more capable of inflicting harm when something goes wrong than most other vehicles on the road. The matter is made considerably worse when a truck driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This raises the question: When someone is hurt or killed...

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