Regardless of The Covid-19 Outbreak, We’re Still Here to Help

Michael GrossmanMarch 21, 2020 3 minutes

Grossman Law Offices Remains Open and Here's Why

Given all that's gone on in Texas (and in the world) over the last month, it’s hard to tell which businesses are closed and which open for business. But if you’re wondering about Grossman Law Offices, the answer is simple: We’re open and we’re here to help.

However, staying open doesn't mean that we don't take the danger of COVID-19 seriously. That is why we've modified our operations, while at the same time ensuring that our clients receive the same award-winning legal services they are accustomed to.

In this article, I'll take a minute to explain the minor, temporary changes in our practice, and how these new procedures enable us to safely continue serving our clients' needs.

How Are Things Different?

The good news is that we way we handled cases pre-outbreak still works post-outbreak. The only real difference is that less of it happens in-person.

We have always been a firm that takes calls after hours, makes house calls, and gets work done while at the airport or in some distant courthouse, so working remotely isn’t anything new. When you’re a litigation attorney and you’ve got a trial or mediation on a multi-million dollar case, in some far corner of the state, you don’t often have the luxury of commuting back and forth to the office. As such, we’ve gotten pretty good at taking our work with us wherever we go.

Our method for handling inbound documents (such as faxes, mail, court notices, emails from clients, etc.) involves having a designated person make a digital copy of everything that comes in and forwarding it to the team member best equipped to address the matter. Since we’re already used to this approach of digitizing and forwarding docs, you can imagine how easy it has been for us to transition to doing that remotely.

Likewise, the case managers still have the capacity to update clients on their case, pull relevant documents for the attorneys, schedule depositions, mediations, and ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

And our legal research team has not stopped poring over case law, and assisting our attorneys.

Since the outbreak, the other attorneys and I are still busy litigating cases, deposing witnesses, gathering evidence, and filing the appropriate documents with the courts. None of this is any different than how we helped our clients prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The only change is that less of this business happens face-to-face. Many court hearings now take place electronically. The same is true for depositions and certain mediations. Other than these changes, which most clients won't even notice, cases are proceeding just like they would at any other time.

These changes aim to slow the spread of the outbreak, comply with all relevant government advice and mandates, but also ensure that we still meet our clients' needs.

What Will Never Change?

No one can predict what course this outbreak will take, but one thing I can ensure my clients, both new and old, is that our commitment to meeting their needs will never change.

Will we comply with whatever mandates the authorities deem best to fight the current outbreak? Absolutely. If that means that a meeting or a hearing must be rescheduled, then that's what we'll do.

But what no one at Grossman Law Offices will do is throw up their hands and say that fighting for our clients is just too hard now. We will find a way to continue to look out for their interests, regardless of what obstacles future events put in our way. In these uncertain times, that is a promise that our clients can count on.

What About New or Prospective Clients?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn't the only thing that's likely to hurt people in the foreseeable future. While the injuries and deaths that result from these incidents won't lead off the evening news, they are still significant ordeals for the people who experience them. So we will continue to accept new cases. Helping the injured and those who lost loved ones is our life’s work, and that doesn't stop, no matter what else is going on in the world.

If you feel that you have a case, please call 855-236-000, anytime, day or night. Grossman Law Offices is open; we continue to do what we do; and we will be glad to evaluate your case.