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What Rights Do Employees Have in Non-Subscriber Work Injury Cases in Texas?

Rights of an Injured Worker In a Texas Non-Subscriber On-The-Job Injury Case: When an employer opts out of a Texas workers' compensation plan, they are known as a "non-subscriber." When an employer who works for such an employer is injured, they have what is called a "non-subscriber case." A non-subscriber case is completely different than...

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What Types of damages Can You Recover in a Work Injury Case?

What compensation can I recover in my Non-Subscriber work injury case under Texas law? When you've been in a work injury, your next logical step is to find out if your employer has workers' compensation coverage or not. When they do not have this coverage, since they can opt out in Texas, your employer then...

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When Should I File a Non-Subscriber Injury Lawsuit in Texas?

When is the right time to file a non-subscriber lawsuit? For many clients and prospective clients, we recommend not suing their non-subscriber employer following a work injury. Often times it's unnecessary, and many employers who are non-subscribers will pay fair compensation to their workers, even the law doesn't require them to do so proactively. But...

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