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Why is Texas the Only State Where Injured Workers Can Sue Their Employer?

For the most part, every state in America other than Texas has eliminated work injury lawsuits. The way they did this was by forcing employers within their borders to participate in a workers' compensation program. Said programs all follow the same formula: the employer gets immunity from a lawsuit, the injured worker loses the right...

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What Are My Rights if My Employer Is a Non-Subscriber?

If you've been hurt on the job in Texas, one of two things usually happens: you have the right to receive automatic benefits if your employer participates in the workers' compensation program, or your employer is a non-subscriber to workers' comp and you don't have that right. If you find yourself in the latter position,...

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What Are My Rights if My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Comp. in Texas?

Texas is unique; employers in Texas can choose NOT to participate in the workers' compensation program. When a company opts out of providing workers' comp. coverage, injured workers do not receive automatic benefits like they would if the company did participate in the workers' comp. program. This raises the question, "If I am injured on...

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