Car Wreck?

Attorney Mike Grossman is here for you!

For 27 years, Dallas car accident attorney Michael Grossman has been fighting for accident victims throughout the Metroplex.

How We Help

Our goal is to get you...
And we’ll help you every step of the way

Need a doctor? No problem.  We’ll make a referral. No health insurance?
Doesn’t matter. Need your car fixed, your medical bills paid, a fair settlement?
We’ve got you covered.

Simply put, we’ve been winning car accident cases in Dallas for 27 years. 

We know the law and what it takes to win.

How It Works

Thats right, Texas law does not require an insurance carrier to pay you a penny. Instead it gives you the right to take your case to court (or threaten to).

Your case is only worth what a jury says it’s worth.

But wait a minute! Does that mean I have to go to court?
No just means you have to prove to the insurance adjusters that you can beat them in court.

That’s why hiring a Dallas car accident attorney makes your case valuable. 

Insurance carriers are willing to pay us NOT to take them to court.

The Process


Call us for a free consultation.


Hire us with your signature.  Nothing out of pocket.


We’ll investigate and identify all responsible parties. 


We’ll make sure you get all the medical attention you need.


Once you’ve been released from your doctor we’ll get your bills and records and create a comprehensive demand packet, which we’ll send to the insurance carriers. It’s message will be: Pay our client X or we’ll sue you.


We negotiate a fair settlement that you are happy with.


Or we take them to court.


You don’t pay unless we win. Seriously.

Also, clients never pay us out-of-pocket.  We work on a contingency fee basis (which is a fancy way of saying you pay us a commission when you win).

Our standard rate for a case that is settled out of court is of the amount won.  But the whole idea behind hiring a firm with our track record is that we can add so much more money by hiring us as opposed to going it alone.

Our winning track record makes 
your case more valuable

You’ve probably never tried a case.  That means the insurance carrier isn’t scared of you.  We’ve been trying cases for 27 years.  They are scared of us.

But the other way we can make your case valuable is by making sure you’re paid for ALL of the types of damages recognized under Texas law. 

Accident victims can be compensated for:
Past and future medical expenses
Past and future loss of earning capacity 
(lost wages)
Loss of 
household services
Pain and suffering
Mental anguish
Physical Impairment
Loss of consortium

Of course, the goal is to get you every penny we can.
When that goal is met, paying attorneys fees is of little concern.

Track Record

We’ve won thousands of cases (see some of our victories here) and have been recognized by numerous publications and organizations for our results. Here are some examples.

Baylor University School of Law
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Better Business Bureau Accreditation
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American Trial Lawyers Association
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Why Pick Us

There are many Dallas car accident attorneys you can choose from, so why pick us? Aside from our successful track record, the numerous awards we’ve won, and the thousands of clients we’ve helped in our 27 year history, there are really two main strengths that set our car wreck lawyers apart from all the rest in the DFW Metroplex:

We’re not a settlement mill

Many firms in Dallas are volume operations. They process thousands of cases each year. We only take a select number of cases to ensure each client gets the care and personalized attention they need.

We really make ourselves available

Clients get our cell phones. We take calls anytime, day or night, and we touch base with our clients a minimum of once a month. 

Ready to put one of the best Dallas 
car accident attorneys in your corner?