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Dallas Car Accident Attorney

Lawyer Michael Grossman is fighting to make our roads safer.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you’re going to greatly benefit from the services of an attorney. But it’s not enough to have just any attorney. You need a Dallas car accident lawyer who knows how to win and who’s willing to devote the necessary time and resources to your case. Here are some facts about our firm that’ll give you an idea about how we do business.

  • We’ve been winning Dallas car accident cases for 25 years
  • We’ve been voted as Texas Super Lawyers, inducted into the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and have been recognized for our award-winning customer service
  • We make ourselves available in a way no other firm can match by answering the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • We’ve gone toe-to-toe with every major auto insurance carrier in the Dallas market and have won, so they know we mean business

But there’s more to the practice of law than awards and trophies. At the end of the day, a lawyer needs a purpose. Ours is simple: we want to win your case. But not just to put money in your pocket, and not just to generate legal fees for our firm. We’re in it to make a difference.

We believe very strongly that with every case we win, we send a message to all negligent drivers out there. A message that says if you hurt someone on Dallas streets, there will be a price to pay.

If you would like more information about car accident and Texas law, please check out our Comprehensive Guide to Texas Car Accident Law, the most thorough guide to Texas car accident law on the internet.

Dallas car accident statistics

Car accidents are a serious problem in Dallas. By punishing bad drivers, we help make Dallas safer.

Here’s what our attorneys can do for you.

Now you know why we do it. Let’s talk about what we can do for you. When you hire Grossman Law Offices after your accident, we can assist you with any of the following:

  • Getting you the maximum compensation allowed by Texas law
  • Helping you figure out what to do about your damaged car
  • Dealing with the insurance carriers so you don’t have to
  • Ensuring you get the medical attention you require
  • Handling all the logistics and legal processes
  • Negotiating on your behalf

When we take your case, we are committed to walking you through every step of the process. Our goal is to make every client feel like they’re our only client.

How to get maximum compensation for your Dallas car accident case.

When it comes to getting fair compensation for a car accident, it’s is all in the presentation. Whether or not your case ever makes it to trial, the value of your case is based on what a jury would award you if the case were to be tried. More specifically, the way you convince an insurance carrier to settle is to show them that settling is in their best financial interest, because they will lose big if they face you in court. This means that your lawyer must present your case to the insurance carrier, not as a case that they only ever intend to handle out of court, but as a case that they intend to take all the way to the finish line, if need be.

But it’s pretty hard for a lawyer to posture to an insurance carrier and create the impression that they’re ready to try the case if that’s not actually true. Consequently, the way to get the most compensation is to have an attorney that is legitimately prepared from day one to take the case to trial. By treating the case like it’s inevitably going to trial, your lawyer shows the insurance carrier he’s ready to fight, and this makes them more willing to settle. If you show the bully how willing you are to fight, they’re more likely to back down.

If, on the contrary, your attorney treats your case like it’s going to settle and he doesn’t prepare for trial all along the way, two problems arise. First, he’ll be unprepared if the case does have to go to trial. Second, the insurance carrier will offer a lower amount to settle. Simply put, if your lawyer treats the case like it’s a real legal battle in the making, he’ll stand the best chance to compel the insurance carrier to give up and settle for a fair amount rather than fight you in court.

We take a limited number of cases.

We believe in the traditional practice of law. One where a lawyer works with his clients and works up their case from start to finish. But in the modern era, many firms have adopted the “settlement mill” model.

These firms handle an absurd number of cases, and they typically accomplish this by having an army of unskilled administrative workers do all of the work, with the lawyer(s) just serving as the figurehead for the firm. That’s not how the practice of law is supposed to work.

Some Dallas law firms are "settlement mills"

Some Dallas firms handle thousands upon thousands of cases each year. You’ll notice that these firms don’t announce their settlement and verdict amounts. The reason is because their model involves settling many cases for very little money, rather than focusing on a reasonable number of cases and settling them for a fair amount. Don’t be taken advantage of by a Dallas car accident settlement mill.

For example, a local Dallas attorney who advertises heavily brags on his website about how his firm processes over 7,000 cases per year. Their firm has fewer than 20 lawyers, so if you do the math, that means that each lawyer is processing close to 370 cases per year. Think about that for a second. That means that if they divide their time evenly among their cases, each client gets less than one day of attorney time on their case. Even a simple case requires dozens of hours of attorney time, and most cases that get litigated take hundreds of hours. It’s simply crazy to think that their firm will do anything but run their clients through an assembly line.

With our firm, we limit the number of cases that we take, so that we can focus the necessary energy on each client’s case. When our schedules open up, we take on more clients. When our schedules are full, we stop taking on new cases. It’s a simple model. The fact that our firm turns away more business than it accepts, and the fact that we get so many of our cases referred to us by other lawyers is a testament to how in demand our traditional approach is.

A good lawyer needs to understand Dallas juries.

As we’ve said before, our firm has been winning car accident cases in Dallas for a quarter century. This experience as winning trial lawyers in Dallas County gives us the confidence we need to make demands of insurance companies. The people who hurt you don’t want to face us in court, not with a track record like ours. And should your case go to trial, we know how to persuade a jury of your peers that you deserve just compensation.

Dallas courthouse

Dallas juries are reasonable and fairness-minded. But that doesn’t mean they’re gullible. You’ll need a convincing, comprehensive case to persuade them. But the good news is that once you’ve won them over, they’re prepared to give you what you really deserve for your injuries.

Another important aspect to consider in a Dallas car accident case is that you actually have two choices as to where you can file your lawsuit, should litigation become necessary. Dallas County court and the various Texas districts courts that reside in Dallas have concurrent jurisdiction with respect to most car accident cases that happen in and around Dallas.

The biggest difference between the two, strategically speaking, is that you have a jury of 12 in district court (you need 10 out of 12 jurors on your side to win), whereas in county court, you have a jury of 6 (5 of the 6 required to win). Who shows up for jury duty in those courts can vary between the two, so depending upon the subject matter of your case, it may be beneficial to file in one court or another. Further, in cases where punitive damages are sought, you must obtain a unanimous jury verdict, so it’s often argued by trial lawyers that getting a unanimous verdict from 6 jurors is easier than getting one from 12, so that’s a nod in favor of county court.

Dallas car accident attorney Michael Grossman is here to help.

As we’ve mentioned, one of the keys to a successful claim is having an advocate on your side who knows how to win. After 25 years of practice and thousands of cases won, attorney Michael Grossman is the right man for the job. To speak with a Dallas car accident attorney, call us anytime at (972) 808-7629.

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