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What Should I Know About Claims Against State Farm?

Dealing with State Farm in an insurance claim? Here's what you should know:

State Farm is widely regarded in the legal profession as one of the more stubborn insurance carriers to deal with. They have their own in-house legal counsel (unlike a lot of insurance carriers that outsource). So they're often willing to force cases, that would otherwise settle, into protracted court battles.

The good news is, the experienced car accident attorneys of Grossman Law Offices have a 25 year track record of beating State Farm. We're here to help, if you need us, and we invite you to read more about State Farm below.

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  • What do I need to know if I have a case against State Farm?
  • What is the first step I should take after being hit by a car insured by State Farm?
  • Is State Farm easy to deal with during the claims process?

A Little About State Farm:

State Farm Insurance is a a very well-known and successful provider of insurance coverage. In fact, the company claims that every 5th car in the United States is covered by one of their policies. And as their jingle claims, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" but from what we've encountered with them, that's not always the case.

The success of the corporation is reflected in their many locations across the US and Canada, in their ranking of the Fortune 500 report, and in their annual revenue. As such, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle when you're not only a client of State Farm's but a victim of one of their policy holders. Make no mistake, State Farm can be a relentless and fierce defendant that aims to not compensate you anything.

What is the Claims Process After an Accident?

State Farm Insurance attempts to make the claims process easier for you by listing the steps that must be taken on their website. However, people have a tendency to be very shaken up and upset right after a car accident and doing things 'by the book' may not be the first thing on your mind. This is even more true if you or a loved one is in a traumatic state. That's where having a lawyer can make this entire process go a lot smoother. A lawyer knows what the law demands of you, and what it doesn't. An experience car accident attorney will give State Farm the information it needs, that and only that, so the insurer doesn't have facts that they can attempt to manipulate to compensate you less.

What if Serious Injury and Medical Bills are Involved?

State Farm offers personal injury protection and medical payments coverage through their different coverage policies, all of which must be purchased at a price. On their website, they provide various forms that you must fill out, once your injury has taken place. Once again, if you are or a loved one are in a hospital bed following a serious car accident the last thing you will be thinking about is getting on the website and making sure that you fill out all of the pieces of paperwork.

What is the General Public's Opinion of State Farm Services?

As with many other customer reviews, disgruntled consumers have a tendency to be the most vocal. The majority of complaints that are filed have a tendency to center around the fact that many people choose to go with this company because it's all over the nation with extensive popularity.

However, the concern is that this expensive advertising is paid for by high premiums and a lack of good customer service. Many complaints cite being dropped from policies unfairly or receiving inadequate quotes from claims adjusters in response to their claims. The fact of the matter is though, all insurance companies seem to employ these similar policies. It is for this very reason that when filling out these standardized form contracts, that you need to have experienced legal counsel to ensure that you are going to receive the coverage that you really deserve. The problem is that you are simply a policy number to these large companies.

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