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How Do Cases Against Safeco Insurance Work?

Car accident settlement claim against Safeco? Here's what you need to know:

safeco insurance claims settlement payout

If you're the victim of an auto accident, you're fortunate if you aren't seriously injured. If you are in fact seriously injured, then dealing with a car insurance company can make matters even worse.

Safeco Insurance Claim Questions Answered Here:

  • What do I need to know if I'm trying to win a claim against Safeco Insurance?
  • What do I do if Safeco denies my claim?
  • What do I do if the driver that hit me is insured by Safeco?

We've seen clients get mistreated and tossed around by insurance companies like Safeco. That is, until we get involved. The attorneys at Grossman Law Offices put together a few things you should know if you want to win your case.

An Overview of Safeco Insurance

In the last year for which information is available, Safeco took in over 6 billion dollars in revenue in that one year. And from that revenue, Safeco earned a yearly profit of around 880 million dollars. Like insurance companies everywhere, Safeco makes a profit by taking in premiums and paying out as little as possible on claims - even valid claims.

This is the basic math that runs the insurance industry. Their policy holder's insurance premiums finance the massive profits Safeco and other insurers make each year. And Safeco is motivated to pay out as little as possible on the claims they receive.

Examples of Negative Experiences with Safeco Insurance

Listed below are just a handful of what policyholders and opposing parties have alleged regarding Safeco and its legal team:

  • Safeco refused to pay a body shop invoice for car repair after an accident.
  • Safeco did not return an injured driver's calls. Therefore, the injured driver immediately sought the help of an accident lawyer.
  • Safeco offered a car owner around half of what her car was worth.
  • A Safeco policyholder filed a small claim to have a chip in his windshield fixed and went through a massive ordeal that ended up with him changing insurance companies.
  • Safeco treats its customers badly when they merely ask Safeco to keep its promises. It takes Safeco months to pay anything.
  • A Safeco insurance adjuster would not budge on the low-cost replacement car she offered a driver whose car was totaled.
  • Safeco told a driver he was insured and cashed his premium checks. But two months later when he filed a claim, Safeco had never heard of him.
  • Safeco gladly takes premium payments, but they are in the business of not paying claims.
  • A Safeco adjuster talked down to an injured driver and tried to intimidate her. She got help in the form on an experienced lawyer.

You too need an experienced car accident attorney when dealing with Safeco Insurance Company in an auto insurance case. Safeco is frequently very hard for the average consumer to deal with. Allegedly, Safeco denies insurance coverage and delays payment to deserving people. And those denials and delays come at the worst possible times: when you are injured, you aren't working due to your injuries, and you need compensation to meet your obligations. And yet your medical bills, your family's lost income, your pain and suffering, your emotional distress: these are just a few of the things for which Safeco can be held responsible.

Why You Should Call Grossman Law to Negotiate a Settlement With Safeco Insurance

Our experienced car accident attorneys have over 25 years fo experience handling personal injury claims in the state of Texas. We're confident we can put you in the best possible position to recover your losses. Call our lawyers today at (855) 326-0000 if you need assistance with Safeco or a Safeco driver. If you have been injured, Grossman Law Offices' staff is standing by to assist you and your family.

Grossman Law Offices can help you enforce your rights to compensation against Safeco and other big insurers.

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