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What evidence will I need to win my car accident case?

The best attorneys will stop at nothing to get the facts straight:

The gathering and preserving of specific evidence in a car accident case is vitally important. You must act quickly to collect all necessary evidence that might help you prove your case before it is lost, altered or destroyed. Grossman Law Offices has been doing this for 25 years, and we know well what evidence is needed to win a car accident case and get you the money you need for your losses.

Below, we'll talk about what kind of evidence we'll need and how we can get it. Also, our Comprehensive Guide to Car Accident Law can give you a great idea of what comes next in the process.

The main kinds of evidence needed to win your car accident case.

Every car accident is as unique as the men and women who are involved. Still, we're trying to prove the same two things: 1) the accident was the other driver's fault (liability), and 2) the extent of your injuries (damages). Let's break down the sorts of evidence based on those two categories.

Evidence that proves liability:

  • Police reports. When the police investigate the scene, they make a determination based on the evidence before them. While not the end-all be-all of car accidents, police assessments can prove valuable in showing who was at fault.
  • Witness statements. We work to find witness and get their recorded statements about what they saw.
  • Your recorded statement. We might think it wise to get your recorded statement and give it to the defense lawyers and their insurance company so you can explain your side of the story.
  • Inferences made from physical evidence. We gather the physical evidence in your accident to help reconstruct the series of events leading up to the collision. We aren't just guessing here, but putting together the pieces of the puzzle for the jury to see the whole picture.

Evidence that proves your damages:

  • Medical bills and records. We can show how seriously you were hurt by medical data that lays it out in black and white. In addition to simply actual dollar figures, the insurance company and jury can get medical proof of pain and suffering that you're enduring.
  • Lost income statements. We can show how much money you've lost from missing work by showing what you were making before the accident and multiply that by the time you've missed work.
  • Your testimony. You know better than anyone exactly what you've lost. We'll make sure that you've got the chance to explain exactly how you were hurt, what you've experienced, and how your life is different now.
  • Expert testimony. Our experts are the best in the business, bar none. Our team of doctors, long-term care professionals, and accident analysts will give their highly valued opinion on what you deserve. And best of all, our experts can actually stand up to cross-examination.

Keep in mind that, should the situation warrant it, we are ready, willing, and able to hire experts to help prove your case up. Their expertise can form evidence of, say, medical testimony that your injured back will never fully recover.

You need the right lawyer to secure the evidence for your case's success.

The most important thing you can do after your accident to help your case is to call a skilled, experienced car accident attorney like those at Grossman Law Offices. We've won more than 1,000 cases in the last 25 years and know how to get you the maximum compensation for your losses or your loved one's death. So call us toll-free at (855) 326-0000 for a free consultation. If you're looking for a competent, aggressive, successful firm to represent you or your loved one, the evidence overwhelmingly points to us.,/p>

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