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What Not to Say to an Adjuster

Everything you say to an insurance adjuster after your car accident can and will be used against you:

It's very common for us to get calls from people who've spent a few months trying to get an adjuster to pay their claims. It might be the other driver's adjuster, or even their UM/UIM/PIP adjuster, but the result is the same: lots of talking, lots of paperwork, no satisfactory result.

We encourage everyone to speak with an attorney experienced in car accident law BEFORE they talk to an adjuster for the reasons outlined below. Even if you don't end up hiring us, we don't want you to screw up your case.

The things not to say.

Adjusters are paid to undermine your claim, period. They may come across as sympathetic and friendly, but they want you to say the wrong things so that they'll trap you into taking a few pennies on the dollar of what you're owed . . . or even nothing. Here are some of the worst things that you can say:

  • Anything dishonest. This might seem pretty evident, but we run into cases where folks if not outright lie to the adjuster, they've fudged the truth a little. Maybe they claim they remember the light being green when they're not sure, or they make up something the other driver said. The bottom line is that, as great attorneys as we might be, we cannot salvage a case where a victim misled an adjuster.
  • Admissions of anything negative about your behavior. This might fly in the face of the prior point, but while being honest is extremely important, but don't just give an adjuster any ammunition to deny your claim. This is because adjusters are notorious for twisting even the slightest bad thing into something fatal to your case. If you hire us, you'll probably have to testify at some point. But we'll make sure you tell your story honestly AND correctly.
  • Agreeing with an adjuster's characterizations.A classic trick adjusters pull is to keep asking you questions and then act as through they're repeating back to you what you just said. In reality, they've switched one or two words around to totally change your meaning. We've seen this over and over.
  • Making a request for specific dollar amounts. You may think you know exactly how much you've lost. But did you know the law allows money to cover pain and suffering? Lost wages? Future medical costs? Far too many victims undersell themselves and their case's value.

Why you should have an attorney in between you and the adjuster.

We could go on for pages and pages about how bright, capable people have ruined their car accident cases by talking to an adjuster without us. Here are some of the reasons why you want us involved:

  1. You might not know how the accident truly occurred. While many cases seem straightforward, there could be other causes. We don't want you "on the record" for how the accident happened until we look into all the facts. You might even be concerned that you had something to do with the incident, but more often than not, we find out our clients were innocent of anything related to the accident.
  2. We can stop the nonsense. You're probably getting a lot of annoying calls and letters. Once we're brought on board, the communications have to stop. They'll no longer be allowed to contact you.
  3. We've been down this road many times. As experienced car accident attorneys, we can ensure that you've got your best shot at getting a maximum recovery. We know the tricks the adjusters play and won't give into them.

The adjusters want you to talk to them. Don't.

We're here to make sure your case goes as smoothly and successfully as possible. It's free to talk to us about your claims and calling us won't obligate you to hire us or any other attorney. Why waste this one shot at getting what you deserve? Call us at (855) 326-0000 now.

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