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Should I Accept Getting Paid “Under the Table” for a Work Injury in Texas?

Why you shouldn't let your employer offer you an "under the table" settlement on your work injury:

If your employer wants to pay you "under the table" for a work injury, you should be highly concerned. A common question that arises following a work accident is whether or not you should file a worker's compensation claim. Many employers, in an effort to circumvent this paperwork will offer to privately pay for your injuries.

While some may think that this is a much easier way of dealing with the injury and the numerous costs associated with it, this type of agreement can dramatically affect the amount of money you recover and can negatively affect your physical recovery process. You should never agree to quietly receive money from your employer in exchange for not filing a claim.

Furthermore, you should always seek the help and guidance of a qualified attorney if someone makes this type of offer. It is essential that you are aware of your rights as an employee and make the right decision after being fully informed.

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Can I lose my job for filing a Worker's Compensation Claim?

In the current economy many people are without work. And those who have jobs are terrified of somehow losing them. As a result, many workers who suffer a work related injury are hesitant to file a worker's compensation claim to be reimbursed for their damages. They fear that this will be seen as an attack on their employer and worry that it could cause them to lose their job. This is a common misconception among many workers.

Texas work injury law states that your employer cannot fire you or punish you in any way for filing a worker's compensation claim. This law was created to protect you and to ensure that you receive adequate care. Every employer is required to carry insurance sufficient to compensate and care for employees who are injured while working. Filing a claim is not in any way attacking your employer or the company, and they cannot even attempt retaliation.

Some employers may not want you to file a claim for fear that their insurance coverage costs will increase or fear that they may be reported for a safety violation, but this should not prevent you from filing a claim. If you fear that filing a claim may jeopardize your employment you should immediately seek an attorney who can help you through this process. Some employers will simply try to take advantage of your inexperience and lack of familiarity. With a knowledgeable attorney behind you, your rights and interests will be better protected and represented.

You limit your potential recovery when you don't file a claim.

If you privately receive compensation from your employer and do not file a claim you are limiting your total recovery. Often companies will offer to pay you under the table in exchange for not filing a claim in an effort to save money. What often happens is the injured worker develops worse injuries later on and the employer then refuses to provide any further compensation. Frequently, people suffer what they believe to be minor injuries. They think that the harm is not severe and, in the name of convenience, agree to accept a small amount of money to adequately cover their damages. Unfortunately, later they discover that they have much more complicated injuries and need serious medical attention.

Since the company is only concerned with saving money, they refuse to offer you any further compensation. Consequently, you are left with the high medical costs. Some costs can be so expensive that you personally cannot afford them or your personal insurance does not cover the procedure and you cannot fully recover. If you file a valid worker's compensation claim, any medical expenses that arise due to the work related injury will be covered.

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