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Can I Get a Settlement in a Texas Workers’ Compensation Case?

If you are dealing with a workers' compensation claim in Texas it's important to understand that there are no settlements in a Texas workers' comp case. At least a few times a week, our office is contacted by a potential client who wants to know how much they can settle their workers' compensation case for. They...

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How Long Do I Have to File for Workers’ Compensation in Texas?

Time Limit For Filing a Texas Workers' Compensation Claim If you're injured on the job and your employer subscribes to workers' compensation, to get benefits you're entitled to, you need to file a claim. We describe this process in detail on this page: how to file a workers' comp claim. However, that's not the end...

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How Do Impairment Ratings Work in a Texas Workers’ Compensation Case?

How Impairment Ratings work in a Texas workers' compensation case. Once a worker reaches Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI - Read about MMI here) in their workers' comp case, they are issued an Impairment Rating. The Impairment Rating is a rating of deficiency given to an injured worker, stating to what degree their injuries will affect...

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