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What’s the difference between legal assistants and actual lawyers?

If you hire our law firm – or any personal injury law firm for that matter – to handle your case, you will work with both legal assistants and lawyers.

Legal assistants and lawyers do not share the same responsibilities. Legal assistants do not have the same level of education or training as lawyers, and they are not authorized to practice law or provide legal representation to clients. Lawyers, on the other hand, must have a law degree and pass a bar examination in order to be licensed to practice law.

Legal assistants are professionals who assist lawyers in the delivery of legal services. They perform a variety of tasks to support lawyers, including conducting legal research, drafting legal documents, and managing cases. At Grossman Law, our legal assistants are professional, experienced members of your legal team that help prepare lawsuits by conducting investigations and performing medical and legal research – along with other supplementary work.

Lawyers are professionals who are licensed to practice law. Lawyers provide legal representation to clients and advise them on legal matters. They advocate on behalf of clients in legal proceedings, such as in court trials or administrative hearings. The lawyers at Grossman Law specialize in personal injury law.

Critically, legal assistants cannot offer legal advice. When you need legal advice on the spot, legal assistants will turn to a lawyer immediately. However, in your claim’s everyday preparation, legal assistants require your undivided attention and cooperation. They are here to serve you.

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