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What Is a Fair Amount for My Settlement?

Evaluating a claim incorporates many different factors that your legal counsel will discuss with you. Recommendations will be made with reasons given for everyone by your attorney. Since each of our lawyers has a wide breadth of experience in regard to case settlement and has knowledge of juries and judges behaving similarly in similar cases, clients usually follow our lead as far as recommendations are concerned.

There are several factors that can impact the amount of a personal injury settlement. Some of the most significant factors include:

  1. The extent and severity of the injuries: The more serious and permanent the injuries, the more damages or compensation you may be entitled to receive.
  2. The costs of medical treatment: You may be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, including hospital bills, doctor's visits, and rehabilitation costs.
  3. Lost wages: If you were unable to work due to the injuries, you may be entitled to receive compensation for lost wages or lost earning capacity.
  4. The defendant's level of fault: The more at fault the defendant is, the more likely you are to receive a larger settlement.
  5. The availability of insurance coverage: If the defendant has insurance coverage, you may be able to recover damages or compensation through an insurance settlement.
  6. Your own actions: If you were partially at fault for the accident or injuries, the amount of the settlement may be reduced.
  7. The strength of your case: If you have strong evidence supporting your claim, you may be more likely to receive a larger settlement.

To learn more about valuing injury settlements browse our collection of articles that break down the considerations for settlement values in a variety of injury and accident circumstances.

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