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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

No Fees Unless We Win. Seriously.

We're a business, but we're in the business of helping people. We firmly believe that access to the justice system should be available to anyone who has a legitimate cause of action, irrespective of their financial standing. In other words, the ability to seek compensation for an injury or wrongful death should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford to pay by the hour. As such, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis which breaks down like this:

  • The client enters into an agreement with the law firm which gives our attorneys the legal authority to represent the client in exchange for attorney fees paid in the form of a percentage of the total recovery.
  • The law firm assumes all up-front financial risk in the case and will front all litigation costs and expenses, only to be repaid upon securing a legal victory.
  • The client NEVER pays the attorney out of his own pocket. There are no hourly fees.
  • The law firm only charges the client if our attorneys are successful at obtaining compensation for the client. The client literally owes no legal fees and is not responsible for any costs or expenses unless we win.

For example:

Sometimes juries will award large verdicts to injury victims but the defendant who caused the injury does not actually have any money. In such an event, our clients would pay us nothing. We only get paid if we put money in our clients' pockets.

The client volunteers an industry-standard percentage of the total recovery as payment to their attorneys.

In short, the client hires us and we represent them, investing our time, hard work, knowledge and experience, and our own money if necessary, and the client agrees to share a predetermined percentage of their winnings with us. Again, the client pays us nothing if we don't win the case or if we win the case but the responsible party has no money to pay the client.

Why Do We Do This?

We do it because it's fair. We do it because it makes the justice system available to people other than the wealthy. We do it because it ensures that our interests are perfectly aligned with our clients' interests. When you hire an attorney who gets paid more by getting you paid more, you win. It's that simple.

What Percentage Do You Charge?

It depends on many factors; generally the type of case and the amount of risk associated with the particular matter. Most clients will pay the same, industry standard rate, but some cases are legitimately more challenging or risky and will necessitate a higher rate. In any event, we will gladly discuss your case with you, free of charge, determine an appropriate rate and then disclose that rate to you before you hire us. The contingency fee percentage is put in writing and guaranteed. There are no surprises.

Do You Charge Anything Else?

No additional fees or hourly rate, etc. But the client is responsible for paying for court costs and litigation expenses. For instance, the court costs for filing a lawsuit is usually about $350. The law firm will advance this money for the client as a courtesy, but the client is required to reimburse the law firm for that cost... but only when and if the case is successfully resolved.

If we don't win, we absorb the loss of any expenses that were invested into the case. It's your expense; we're just advancing it for you. To be perfectly clear, we cannot and will not charge the client for any expense that is not justifiable and we don't charge interest on expenses. To be frank, we have as little desire as you do in investing our own financial resources into a case if it's not absolutely necessary to help the case.

Once again, expenses are simply reimbursed, dollar for dollar. All paralegal time, in-house investigation efforts, attorney time and effort, etc. is paid for in the attorney fees. The expenses are only expenses and nothing else.

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