Grossman Law Drunk Driving Prevention

One aspects of our work that impacts us more than anything else, is bearing witness to the devastating consequences of drunk driving. We feel a profound sense of responsibility to not only obtain a measure of justice for the victims of drunk driving crashes, but also to do whatever we can to prevent them.

It's this commitment that has motivated us to offer free sober rides on certain holidays, to offer a drunk driving prevention scholarship contest, and to work directly with MADD to stop drunk driving at the source.

MADD North Texas Advisory Board

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has selected attorney Michael Grossman to serve on their Advisory Board. As most people are well aware, MADD is the leading force in the fight to stopping drunken driving. Their efforts consist primarily of counseling victims and lobbying legislatures on their behalf. Given our firm's leadership role in pursing dram shop cases against negligent bars (we've handled more of these cases than any firm in Texas), an alliance with MADD makes good sense. Read more.

Get Home Alive! Free Holiday Rides

One of the primary missions of our law firm is to stop drunken driving. It's why we represent victims and families of victims in lawsuits against drunk drivers. It's why we sue bars and liquor stores when they violate Texas' Dram Shop Laws. It's why founding attorney Michael Grossman serves on the MADD North Texas Advisory Board.

And it's why we'll be paying for sober rides over the most common "drinking holidays".  Learn more.

Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship Contest


We offer a $1,500 drunk driving prevention undergraduate scholarship contest to Texas students. We believe that drunk driving is 100% preventable.

All it takes is for each individual person to make the decision to never drive after they've been drinking. We are asking students to write a 500 - 750 word essay describing their precise plan for never driving drunk. Learn more.

Meet the 2020 winner of the Grossman Law Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship, Oscar Pedregon.

Additional Scholarships


Texas Drunk Driving Statistics

We maintain a curated list of Texas drunk driving statistics from of raw data provide by the Texas Department of Transportation.

We find these numbers both shocking and profoundly sad.

We hope each person who visits this page will commit to being a part of the solution by pledging never to get behind the wheel after drinking.