The Best Wrongful Death Lawyers in Dallas

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Not all attorneys who practice personal injury law are equipped to litigate wrongful death claims. Only attorneys with significant experience and a winning track record ought to be trusted with these cases.

My name is attorney Mike Grossman of the Grossman Law Offices. I believe we have earned the right to call ourselves wrongful death lawyers because, over the past 30 years, we have achieved justice for hundreds of families who lost a loved one in an accident.

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If you are looking for advice regarding a potential Texas wrongful death claim, I hope you'll reach out to us. We provide free consultations during which we'll listen to your story and advise you on your best legal path forward.

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While I believe our record of success proves that the lawyers at your firm are among the best wrongful death lawyers in Dallas, I also personally know and have worked alongside a handful of Dallas attorneys outside of our firm who I know can be trusted to handle your wrongful death case.

Below you'll find my list of 5 of the best wrongful death attorneys in Dallas.

“Nothing is ever going to bring my dad back. But at least there is acknowledgment, and there were consequences, and it wasn’t swept under the rug.”

5 of the Best Wrongful Death Lawyers in Dallas

1. Attorney Wendell Turley – Turley Law Firm

Wendell Turley – Wrongful Death Trial Attorney

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You may recognize the name Wendell Turley because he is most commonly associated in the public imagination as the guy whose lawsuit resulted in the pre-flight safety announcements performed by airlines.

I honestly can't tell you if that's accurate or not, but that's the legend and the myth that has surrounded Windle Turley.

But what I can tell you is that he's been filing wrongful death cases under Texas law since wrongful death law first became a thing in the state of Texas. He has helped thousands of families over the years and just has a reputation for being a top-flight litigator.

2. Attorney Marc Lenahan – Lenahan Law Firm

Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer
Marc Lenahan – Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Sometimes I'll hear about Marc Lenahan's cases in the news and I'll think to myself, that's not a case that I would've taken. And while that may sound like it's not a compliment, in fact, it is.

Lawyers will always admire someone that takes cases that involve an interesting theory of liability or are somehow a long shot. And Marc Lenahan certainly meets that description.

Most recently he was in the news because he sued the owners of a shopping mall for a fatality that occurred in their parking garage. The lawsuit itself was a bit controversial but equally controversial was Marc's attempt to get an injunction against the mall that prohibited them from using the parking garage during the Christmas shopping season.

I don't know that I would always employ those same tactics, but you can't help but admire someone who takes that kind of hard-hitting litigation approach that kind of hard-hitting approach to litigation.

Now beyond all the controversial type stuff that he has occasionally been known for, Marc Lenahan is just a darn good wrongful death litigator. And every lawyer in town knows that if Lenahan is representing somebody, he's going to put his best foot forward and do a good job for him.

3. Attorney Michael Guajardo – Slack Davis Sanger

Michael-Guajardo-dallas-wrongful-death-attorney 1
Michael Guajardo – Wrongful Death Lawyer in Dallas

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There's a, there's a myth that exists surrounding personal injury lawyers that the most effective ones are the ones who scream and holler and turn everything into World War III.

Michael Guajardo is living proof that that's not the case. He has a calm, demeanor while still being a tough guy, and he has probably done more good for his clients by being the rational, calm adult in the room, rather than being someone who raises their voice and loses their cool.

We've worked alongside him in numerous cases and he has always been someone who the defendant respected and he is someone who solves problems without a lot of showboating. Beyond that, he's tried a ton of wrongful death cases and just has a really strong reputation as a litigator.

4. Attorney Marquette Wolf  – Ted B. Lyon & Associates

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Marquette Wolf – Wrongful Death Attorney in Dallas

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Marquette Wolf is one of the head litigators at Ted B. Lyons & Associates. Um, He just might hold a record for the number of cases that he's tried. He is one of those kinds of lawyers who it seems like is just always in the courtroom, trying cases in multiple states and commonly in federal court.

We first encountered Marquette Wolf in a wrongful death work accident case a number of years ago, where we represented the family of one gentleman who was killed on the job, and Mr. Wolf represented the family of another gentleman who was killed on the job.

He takes an aggressive approach to litigation that matches our own. He has a mind like a steel trap, and further he is very active in the Texas legal community. He occasionally volunteers to speak at law schools about the importance of jury trials and collegial behavior among lawyers.

5. Chris Hamilton – Hamilton Wingo LLP

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Trial attorney Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton is a highly regarded trial lawyer with nearly two decades of experience in high-stakes personal injury cases, wrongful death lawsuits, and complex business disputes. He has secured record-setting verdicts and settlements, including a historic $7.37 billion jury verdict in Dallas in 2022 - the year's largest verdict in the U.S. against a corporation.

Chris is recognized by his peers as one of the best lawyers in America, and he has been repeatedly featured in Courtroom View Network's list of impressive trials. He is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Leader's Forum for the American Association for Justice. Chris has also earned recognition for his pro bono work and currently serves on the board of directors for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.