5 of the Best Workplace Injury Attorneys in Dallas

best work injury lawyers dallas texas

Our law firm is one of the most experienced in Texas at handling work injury cases.  However, work injury law in Texas is very nuanced and has many sub-sections.

If you have questions about a work injury case, contact us for a free consultation.

What we specifically handle are non-subscriber work injuries, work injury fatality cases, and gross negligence workers' compensation death cases.  We’ve litigated more of those cases than just about any other work injury law firm in Dallas.

But again, Texas work injury law is vast and there are many sub-sections that we don’t have experience with. But we know plenty of exceptional lawyers who do.

Below is a list of who we consider the 5 best work injury attorneys in Texas.


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1. Charlie Reed - Reed Law, PLLC

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dallas work injury lawyer charlie reed
Work Injury Attorney Charlie Reed

I met Charlie while litigating a catastrophic work injury case. Charlie was actually an attorney for the insurance company that was defending the case.

After that case was resolved we had a conversation where Charlie said he wanted to get out of defense work and instead represent victims.

Soon thereafter he started his own practice and has represented many people in non-subscriber cases over the years. When someone contacts us with a non-subscriber case that doesn’t fit into our docket, Charlie is usually the first person we consider referring to the case to. 

2. S. Michael Graham

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dallas workers' compensation lawyer S. michael graham
Worker's Compensation Attorney S. Michael Graham

Attorney S. Michael Graham is board certified in Texas worker's compensation cases.

Very few lawyers in Texas have such a certification, meaning he is in a rare company.

What Michael helps people with are not lawsuits but rather administrative claims through the worker's compensation systems, and he has tried many cases before administrative law judges. 

3. Jim Johnson - The Johnson Law Firm

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dallas work injury litigation lawyer jim johnson
ERISA Litigation Attorney Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson might have the most unique practice in the entire state of Texas. He represents injured workers whose employer is a non-subscriber yet they furnish a voluntary benefits plan that is subject to ERISA law.

He may literally be the only attorney in the entire state who handles those cases. When an injured worker works from a non-subscriber company – and they do not have a viable negligence claim against the employer – their next best option is to get help with their ERISA benefits claims, and that’s what Jim does best. 

4. Charla Aldous - Aldous \ Walker LLP

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Dallas Work injury attorney Charla Aldous
Work injury attorney Charla Aldous.

It's kind of tricky to label Charla Aldous as a work injury attorney. Her practice basically involves all things personal injury and so I'm reluctant to pigeonhole her by labeling her as a work accident attorney.

That said, and with all due respect to her varied docket of broad-spectrum, personal injury cases, she is a pretty darn good work injury attorney. She takes on some pretty obscure cases involving rather complex areas of the law.

For example, a number of years ago we were contacted by someone who was a nurse at a hospital who acquired a horrible disease when the hospital failed to follow its own protocol. This employee in effect had a work injury case against the hospital, but work injury cases against hospitals are incredibly tricky because they also involve elements of medical malpractice law, and that was outside of our wheelhouse.

So we encouraged the clients to talk to Charla Aldous, and not only did Charla immediately know the strategic approach to take, she jumped into it with both feet and represented the client well throughout the case.

5. Ted B. Lyon Jr. - Ted B. Lyon & Associates

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work injury lawyer dallas ted b lyon
Oilfield injury attorney Ted B. Lyon

Ted Lyon has represented many clients in work injury cases. But he has really made a name himself for himself in representing clients who have oil field work injury cases.

Oil field work injury cases can become very complex because you often have representatives of multiple companies working together on the same job site. Consequently, work injury cases can be a little tricky to unravel and determine which company is to blame.

Despite these difficulties, Ted Lyon has successfully represented clients in hundreds of these cases which puts him in a unique class of Texas work injury attorneys.