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Below you’ll find a collection of posts which highlight the best attorneys for specific personal injury case types in Dallas, TX.

The Best Wrongful Death Lawyers in Dallas

Dallas, TX Wrongful Death

Not all attorneys who practice personal injury law are equipped to litigate wrongful death claims. Only attorneys with significant experience and a winning track record ought to be trusted with these cases. My name is attorney Mike Grossman of the Grossman Law Offices. I believe we have earned the right to call ourselves wrongful death...

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The Best Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas

Car Accidents Dallas, TX

Car accidents in Dallas happen by the dozens every single day. And the majority of them do not actually warrant the involvement of an attorney. However, if your accident resulted in serious injuries or other significant damages, one of the best moves you can make to protect your rights is to consult a qualified car...

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The Best Personal Lawyers in Dallas

Dallas, TX Personal Injury

When you search the web for something like the best personal injury lawyers in Dallas, you’ll get a bunch of websites that claim to "rank" law firms and attorneys. The truth is, these rankings are basically meaningless. The companies who publish them have no idea about the skill set of any of the attorneys they...

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5 of the Best Workplace Injury Attorneys in Dallas

Dallas, TX Work Injury

Our law firm is one of the most experienced in Texas at handling work injury cases.  However, work injury law in Texas is very nuanced and has many sub-sections. If you have questions about a work injury case, contact us for a free consultation. What we specifically handle are non-subscriber work injuries, work injury fatality cases, and gross negligence workers'...

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