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Should I Wait for a Police Reports after My Rollover Accident?

Why Waiting for a Police Report before Taking Action in a Rollover Case is a Terrible Idea

Generally speaking, whenever you get into a car accident, the police will be on the scene shortly and will fill out an incident report that identifies the vehicles and parties involved in the wreck. That being said, if you are in a minor fender bender and are able to amicably swap insurance information with the other person, it is unlikely that law enforcement officers will be called to the scene. Most of us have been in 'fender benders' in the past so we are aware of the annoying process of dealing with them, however police officers are usually not necessary to discern who was responsible and why it happened, it's usually fairly self-explanatory or unnecessary because injury did not occur.

On the other hand, if you are in a rollover accident that will likely require medical attention and implicate liability issues, a police report is absolutely crucial in the investigation to determine allocation of fault. Police reports tend to be viewed as truthful and accurate based on the fact that they are written shortly after the accident occurred. However, many people that suffer injuries as a result of rollovers do not know how imperative it is that they make sure to retrieve this police report and evaluate its accuracy when compared with their own account of the events. This article will discuss the legal relevancy of a police report when seeking recovery for injuries sustained following a rollover accident, and the procedures that are taken by law enforcement officers when evaluating these types of accidents.

Do I Need a Police Report?

The answer to this question is YES! YES! YES! The police report will typically provide your attorney with information that illustrates the scene of the accident immediately following the collision. The police will interview any bystanders that may have witnessed the accident and could provide insight into who or what caused it. Moreover, in the instance that there are fatalities resulting from the accident, the report will contain pictures that were taken at the scene which will also reveal important facts that will help your attorney formulate a winning case. The revelations that can come from this report cannot be overstated. Furthermore, in order to file claims following an accident your insurance company will also be relying on this report in their evaluation of what coverage should be provided. If you were injured, you may not only have issues filing a lawsuit against the injuring party without a police report, to add insult to injury, your insurance company may refuse to cover any vehicular loss you sustained if you failed to provide them with a police report. All in all, it should be pretty clear that you must have this report at your disposal to aid in getting favorable results in your lawsuit.

What if the Police Report is not 100% Accurate?

It is important to recognize that while we trust police officers to protect us and uphold the law, it is possible that the report may not be accurate. This is why it is very important that you read over it and provide your attorney with any related documents. In the instance that it may be incorrect, an experienced attorney can take action on your part to make sure that the report reflects exactly what occurred.

What Other Steps Should I Take While I Wait for the Police Report?

First and foremost, seek medical attention. If you were involved in a rollover accident, chances are that you suffered some fairly serious injuries. Even if you do not feel injured right after the accident, that does not mean that you are fine. Some injuries take time before symptoms develop. Therefore it is important that you seek medical attention right after the accident and get a licensed physician's evaluation of your injuries. This will help you build a strong case for recovery because it leaves little room for dispute from opposing counsel to say that your ailments were preexisting, meaning that you suffered from them prior to the accident.

A police report can be a powerful tool in your case. However, the report alone is often not enough to win the day. You're going to need legal representation if you want to be compensated for your injuries. Most importantly, you're going to need to retain an attorney as soon as possible, so that they can begin a thorough investigation. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that a crucial piece of evidence is going to be lost. The value of your case is based on the amount of damages you have suffered, and the quality of evidence with which you will prove this. Don't hurt your potential for recovery by waiting.

The necessity for a valid police report and other documentation that describes both your personal physical state and the specifics of the scene of the accident cannot be overemphasized. These will be used as evidentiary support by your attorney to lay the foundation of a solid, formidable case to reach an outcome in your favor. The car accident accident attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have a great deal of experience in dealing with these kinds of cases and are dedicated to fight for you, for as long as is necessary to get you what you deserve. If you would like to discuss your potential theories of recovery, contact us at (855) 326-0000.

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