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What Is “Safer Alternative Design” For a Car?

If you spend any time reading about automotive defects (like airbag defects, crashworthiness, etc.), then you've probably heard the phrase safer alternative design. What actually is safer alternative design and what is its legal significance? We'll answer both of those questions in this article. What Does Safer Alternative Design Even Mean? Safer alternative design basically...

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In an Auto Defect Case, How Do You Rule Out Driver Error?

Many accidents are caused by or made worse because of a defective or poorly designed automobile. Whether we're talking about a tire defect, an airbag failure, a seatback failure, or a vehicle that is incapable of surviving a rollover, auto defects happen every day across America. And when victims sue the automaker, you can guarantee...

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Can I Sue a Mechanic if they Caused My Accident?

When you take your vehicle to a mechanic, you expect them to make the vehicle run better, not worse. However, if the repairs/maintenance are done incorrectly, causing you to get into a serious accident, you can pursue legal action. If your injuries are the result of poor vehicle maintenance or repair, you can sue the...

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Are Most Rollover Crashes Caused by Defective Cars?

Unquestionably, many rollover crashes are caused by defective and poorly designed automobiles. But are most rollovers caused by defects? Answer: No, most rollover accidents are not caused by defects, but many are. Most rollovers are genuinely attributable to driver error. Someone behind the wheel was going too fast or asked the car to make a...

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