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How Do Reconstruction Animations Persuade Juries in Rollover Accident Cases?

The Importance of Animated Accident Reconstruction Following a Vehicle Rollover Case

When a rollover accident occurs, it's often caused by a complex mechanical failure. However, most people don't have even a beginner's understanding of the various factors that can cause a rollover accident.

If you've been injured or a beloved member of your family has been killed in a rollover accident, then you need to call us. You have the ability to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit and pursue compensation from the party to blame for the harm that's been thrust upon you. In order to succeed with this undertaking, though, you must be able to prove that the liable party caused the car to roll over or at least contributed to the cause of the rollover, incurring partial liability. Our attorneys want you to understand how an animated presentation can achieve that goal.

How an Animated Recreation Can Assist you

Who makes up a jury? Every day people just like you... doctors, teachers, firemen, janitors, farmers, and people from hundreds of other professions. Short of auto mechanics, engineers, and the occasional car enthusiast, though, very few of these people actually understand how rollover accidents occur generally, and before they have been informed, none of them know how your rollover accident happened specifically.

For this reason, an animated recreation of the accident is usually an important element of a successful rollover accident lawsuit. Our attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have been litigating personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits to resolve car accident cases in Texas for more than 23 years, so we know that we can bring in mechanical experts to explain why the rollover accident occurred. We also have faith through years of consulting partnerships that our mechanical experts will be competent, accurate, and convincing. However, we also know that your average Joe or Jane believes what he or she sees much more than what he or she hears.

With this in mind, we bring in accident reconstruction specialists to consult in most rollover accidents. They will examine the vehicles and the accident scene and review any eye-witness accounts, police reports, and any other evidence that can shed light on how the accident occurred. Once this specialist has considered all of the facts involved, he or she will determine how the accident occurred and who was to blame. Then, the accident recreation specialist creates an animated video that shows exactly why the vehicle rolled over. No matter how well someone explains how an accident happened, it just can't measure up to the effect an animated video has of allowing the jury to envision the cause of the rollover accident. The advance of computer technology during the more than two decades we've been practicing law has been a great boon to our practice. Now, the animated videos are so incredibly realistic that they often compel jurors to accept the reconstructionist's opinion as to how the accident happened.

In order for this animated video to be accurate, though, you need to act quickly to preserve the evidence that the video will be based upon. Physical evidence such as measurements taken at the scene and other data will be compiled and the animation will be the visual representation of this information. There are two kinds of animations that can be done - those that are a rudimentary accident recreation based on a limited amount of data and those that are entirely derived from data. In the former, the animator has complete control over what the viewer sees happen on the screen in much the same fashion that any cartoon functions. In the latter, a simulation program is used whereby the data collected at the accident scene is fed into the simulator, and its physics engine renders an animation that is consistent with the laws of physics. The state of the evidence is in flux, so the accident scene and physical evidence could easily be altered or destroyed altogether if you don't act quickly. Furthermore, witnesses could be hard to find or could vanish altogether. Without these types of input, the animated video becomes less accurate.

If you'd like to know how we can help you get an animated recreation of your rollover accident reconstruction, then call Grossman Law Offices today for a free consultation at (855) 326-0000 (toll free).

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