The Best Wrongful Death Lawyers in Midland/Odessa

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Are you searching for a wrongful death lawyer in the Midland or Odessa region? While it would be great to get a personal referral from someone who has been through this before, that may not always be feasible. Fortunately, not many people experience the difficult circumstance of requiring a wrongful death lawyer.

To assist you in locating the most suitable wrongful death lawyer, I have compiled the list below to serve as a virtual referral. If you have concerns about pursuing a wrongful death claim in the Midland/Odessa area, you can rest assured that any of the attorneys and law firms listed below can provide you with top-notch advocacy.

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5 of the Best Wrongful Death Lawyers in Midland/Odessa 

1. Heriberto Ramos - Heriberto Ramos & Associates

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Heriberto Ramos Wrongful Death Lawyer

Heriberto Ramos is the founding attorney of Heriberto Ramos & Associates in Midland. He has extensive experience with personal injury cases, including wrongful death. Ramos is recognized for his dedication to securing compensation through wrongful death litigation—whether that means settling out of court or going to trial. 

He has over two decades of experience assisting grieving families to get justice for their loved ones’ untimely deaths. He strongly believes in professionalism, ethical behavior, and honesty. Ramos will review the individual circumstances of your case and provide an honest assessment. If you need a wrongful death lawyer in the Midland Odessa area, Heriberto Ramos & Associates is a top choice. 

2. Misty Borland Phiffer - Borland Phiffer Law

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Misty Borland Phiffer Wrongful Death Lawyer

Misty Borland Phiffer, the founding attorney of Borland Phiffer Law in Midland, has an exceptional track record in handling personal injury cases, with a strong focus on wrongful death claims. She was born in Midland and returned to the area after graduating from law school in 1994. Since then, she’s dedicated herself to helping families find justice and recover compensation after losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence.

Phiffer’s compassionate approach and aggressive pursuit of justice have earned her a solid reputation in Midland/Odessa. Her commitment to providing personalized legal representation and achieving favorable results for her clients sets her apart as one of the top wrongful death lawyers in the region.

3. JR Reyna - Reyna Injury Law

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Jr Reyna Wrongful Death Lawyer

JR Reyna is the founding attorney of Reyna Injury Law in Odessa. The firm focuses on personal injury cases, including wrongful death claims. With a wealth of experience in wrongful death litigation, Reyna works tirelessly to secure substantial settlements and verdicts for families who have lost a loved one. His client-centered approach focuses on understanding each family’s unique circumstances and challenges. He believes in giving close personal attention to every client and treats you as an integral participant in your legal team. 

Reyna’s dedication to achieving positive results has resulted in numerous seven-figure wrongful death settlements and verdicts. If you need a wrongful death lawyer, Reyna Injury Law is one of the best firms in the area. 

4. Rahul Malhotra - Ketterman Rowland & Westlund

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Rahul Malhotra is Of Counsel at Ketterman Rowland & Westlund in Midland. He has an impressive background in personal injury cases, with a particular emphasis on wrongful death claims for KRW. Malhotra’s strong advocacy skills and in-depth understanding of the complexities of wrongful death litigation have contributed to numerous successful settlements and verdicts for families who have lost a loved one. 

He’s earned lifetime status membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates recognizing his hard work. Malhotra is also a member of the Texas Bar Foundation. The Foundation provides much-needed funding to improve and protect the rule of law in the Texas justice system. This accolade is extraordinary as only one-half of 1% of Texas lawyers will receive this honor. 

If you need a wrongful death lawyer, trust that Rahul Malhotra will represent your family with the utmost skill and compassion while fighting aggressively to hold all responsible parties accountable for your loved one’s death. 

5. Eloy Chavez - Chavez Law Firm 

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Eloy Chavez is the founder of Chavez Law Firm in Odessa. He focuses on criminal defense but also has a wealth of experience in wrongful death cases. His firm is recognized for its dedication to personal injury victims and helping grieving families get justice for their loved one’s death. Chavez’s ability to empathize with his clients and skillfully navigate the legal process sets him apart as a top wrongful death lawyer in the Midland/Odessa area.