The Best Work Injury Lawyers in Midland/Odessa 

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Are you in need of a work injury lawyer in Midland or Odessa? The ideal approach to finding the right attorney for your legal requirements is obtaining a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust.

However, this may not always be feasible, as not everyone is acquainted with someone who has experienced the unfortunate event of a work injury—which is a positive aspect in many ways! So how do you discover the best Midland or Odessa work injury lawyer for your needs?

I have compiled a list of some top choices for work injury lawyers in the Midland/Odessa area. Below is a selection of trusted and competent work injury attorneys to contact. West Texas, Odessa especially, is home to numerous high-risk work zones such as construction sites, oil fields, and oil rigs. Because Texas doesn’t require employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage, injured workers must explore other avenues of financial recovery. That’s one of the reasons hiring a work injury lawyer is crucial in Texas. 

If you have concerns about pursuing a potential personal injury claim related to a work injury, you can trust that consulting with any of these firms will provide you with the guidance and expertise you need.

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5 of the Best Midland/Odessa Work Injury Lawyers

1. Royce V. Bicklein - The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C.

Royce V. Bicklein Work Injury Lawyer

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Royce V. Bicklein is an attorney at Meador & Bicklein Law Firm in Odessa who opened the West Texas locations for The Law Offices of Miller & Bicklein, P.C. He brings extensive experience in handling work injury cases. He is board certified in workers’ compensation law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has maintained this certification since it was created in 2004. 

Bicklein has also participated in informal lobbying efforts, fighting for the rights of injured workers for nearly 20 years. He is the primary partner in charge of workers’ compensation cases for the firm. 

Bicklein’s personalized approach to each case and focus on clear communication make him a top choice for individuals seeking a work injury lawyer in the Midland/Odessa area.

2. Claire Tate Rehmet - Tate Law Offices 

Claire Tate Rehmet Work Injury Lawyer

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Tate Law Offices is a renowned firm serving multiple areas of Texas, including the Midland/Odessa area. Claire Tate Rehmet has helped Tate Law Offices build a reputation for aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome for injured workers in Midland/Odessa

Rehmet’s comprehensive knowledge of workers’ compensation laws and vast experience handling a wide range of work injury cases, from construction accidents to industrial incidents, help set Tate Law Offices apart from other firms. She is committed to fighting for her clients’ rights and ensuring they receive the medical treatment and financial compensation they need to recover from their injuries.

3. Parker Webb - Webb Patel Injury Lawyers

Parker Webb Work Injury Lawyer

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Parker Webb, an attorney at Webb Patel Injury Lawyers, excels in representing clients with work injury claims. With an unwavering commitment to achieving justice for injured workers, Webb’s experience in workers’ compensation law and his tenacity in the courtroom has resulted in numerous favorable outcomes for his clients. He’s already recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients. 

Webb was recently named a Texas Rising Star, a prestigious award given to only 2.5% of Texas attorneys. His ability to devise effective legal strategies and thorough understanding of the intricacies of Texas workers’ compensation make him a formidable advocate for those needing legal representation. 

4. Israel Medina - The Medina Law Firm, P.C. 

Israel Medina Work Injury Lawyer

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Israel Medina was born in Odessa and is the founding attorney of The Medina Law Firm, P.C. As a West Texas native, he has personally worked in the local industries, such as oil and gas, construction, and trucking. This experience gave him first-hand insight into these industries’ dangers and the corporate greed that dominates these businesses. Today, he fights for justice for injured employees. 

Medina’s expertise in work injury law and his focus on providing personalized legal representation make him a standout choice for clients in the Midland/Odessa area.

5. Thomas G. Kemmy - Kemmy Law Firm

Thomas Kemmy Work Injury Lawyer

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Thomas G. Kemmy is the founding attorney of Kemmy Law Firm. He is an accomplished lawyer with an impressive history of handling Texas workplace injury cases. Through his family-owned and run law firm, Kemmy is committed to securing compensation for injured victims, including for employees who’ve suffered injuries in a workplace accident. 

Kemmy’s unwavering commitment to justice and his focus on client satisfaction make him an outstanding choice for those seeking a work injury lawyer in the Midland/Odessa area.