Bars Investigated by the TABC

Saltgrass Steakhouse Locations That Have Been Investigated by the TABC

Important Information for Victims About Dram Shop Lawsuits Against Saltgrass Steakhouse

After suing more bars than anybody else in Texas, I've gained a thorough understanding of just how serious a problem over-service by licensed alcohol vendors is. To help members of the general public gain a more comprehensive understanding of how consequential this issue is, I occasionally like to peruse the files of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and share what I find. I hope that you will find this information illuminating, and encourage you to reach out to us at (855) 326-0000 if you think you may have a Dram Shop case.

Saltgrass Steakhouse is a Houston-based restaurant that was sold to Tilman Fertitta, CEO and owner of Landry's Inc., in 2002. At the time, it had approximately 24 locations and was sold for $75 million. Now, Saltgrass boasts approximately 75 locations in the United States as a part of the Landry's restaurant empire which exceeds $2 billion annually in revenue.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission conducted investigations into various allegations of improper service that in some instances resulted in fines of up to $3,600.00.

Simply because a Saltgrass Steak House location was investigated, it does not mean that they are a location that displays a pattern of violating TABC code. Conversely, if a location has been investigated and investigators determine that they are not in violation of TABC code, that does not mean that the alleged violation did not take place. At times, sufficient evidence required to prove that either criminal or administrative violations occurred is hard to come by. We are simply reporting the locations that were put on the TABC's radar for one reason or another by concerned citizens and law enforcement agencies.

Saltgrass Steak House Locations that Have Been Investigated by the TABC Since 2011

Arlington - 1051 IH 20 West


On 6/1/2011, a concerned a citizen alleged that this particular location had sold or dispensed alcohol to a minor.

TABC investigators found enough evidence in order to levy a fine of $3,600.00. This is a particularly high fine in the grand scheme of things. The average fines levied on establishments that violate TABC guidelines are usually no more that $1000, which makes one wonder what evidence was uncovered that required a fine outside of the norm.

Cedar Hill - 1051 IH 20 West


On 3/27/2012, a member of the community alleged that this steakhouse location sold alcohol to a minor.

After a thorough investigation it was deemed necessary by TABC investigators to issue a written warning and close the investigation on 5/4/2012.

Pearland - 3251 Silverlake Village Dr.


On 4/25/2012, it was alleged that this location had failed to report a breach of the peace (which is usually a physical altercation between patrons or a patron and an employee).

TABC detectives found sufficient evident to corroborate the accusations and gave a written warning prior to closing their investigation on 6/4/2012.

Amarillo - 8300 IH 40 West


On 8/26/2015, it was alleged that this location had allowed a minor to consume alcohol on it's premises and TABC investigators were notified.

After the investigation was completed on 10/13/2015, the TABC sought it fit to administer a $1,500 fine due to this establishment's poor alcohol service practices.

College Station - 4330 Hwy 6 South


A law enforcement agency brought forth allegations on 10/18/2016 that this location had sold alcohol to an intoxicated person, which can be very dangerous, should that person choose to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

On 1/4/2017, TABC investigators closed their investigation after finding sufficient evidence to back the claim by law enforcement. Saltegrass Steakhouse was subsequently fined $6,000.00 as a punishment.

Longview - 411 Loop 281E 'B'


On 1/27/2017, a concerned citizen alleged that this particular location had failed to post a required sign

After about a week, TABC investigators closed their investigation on 2/3/2017 after being unable to find sufficient evidence to support the accusation.

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