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How Much is My Texas Burn Injury Lawsuit Settlement Worth?

Texas Burn Injury Lawsuit Settlements

Burn injuries can cause life-long problems that degrade your quality of life. If you are here because you've suffered a serious burn injury as the result of negligent actions by someone else, you have every right to know how much compensation you can get, and to aggressively pursue a burn injury settlement.

We are Grossman Law, a personal injury law firm in Texas. We have been around for 30 years and over that time we have recovered hundreds of millions for victims of personal injury, including several 6-figure settlements in cases involving serious burn injuries.

If you have questions about how much your burn injury claim might be worth, we hope you won't hesitate to contact us. We speak to dozens of people every day who contact us with questions about potential injury compensation, and we are standing by to help you too.

Example of a Recent Burn Injury Settlement Secured by Our Firm

Disclaimer: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in your case.

$275,000.00 Burn Injury Settlement / Workplace Accident

Grossman Law achieved at $275,000 settlement for our client, a technician who sustained an electric shock and severe burn injury whiling working in proximity to a power line in Texas. Our client suffered small burns at the point where the electricity entered his body and a significant burn on one of his toes where the current exited, the latter of which resulted in partial amputation of a toe. The defendants initially claimed that they were not liable since our client worked for a temp agency. However, we provided case law and samples of our own past cases that supported our arguments with regard to borrowed servants and non-subscriber liability. The ultimate result was a 6-figure burn injury settlement.

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How Much Compensation Do You Get for a Burn Injury?

How much is my burn claim worth? If you or a loved one suffered a severe burn injury, you potentially face months, years, or even a lifetime of pain and extensive medical treatment. Burns can leave you with permanent scarring, disfigurement, and extreme emotional trauma. Many catastrophic burn injuries lead to death.

If another party was liable for your burn injuries, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering and other damages. But how much is your burn injury lawsuit worth?

Burn victims may be entitled to recover compensation for their medical bills, lost income, emotional trauma, and more. If you’re facing intensive medical care and treatment, you need a way to pay those bills. You likely won’t be going back to work any time soon either, and you deserve to know how you will keep a roof over your head.

An experienced Texas personal injury lawyer can help you get through this unthinkable period of your life and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Types of Accidents Can Lead to Severe Burn Injuries?

Although burn injuries can occur in a variety of ways, some of the most catastrophic cases result from these scenarios.

Vehicle Accidents Cause Burn Injuries

Although auto manufacturers incorporate features designed to minimize the risk of vehicle fires, many victims sustain burns due to car accidents. In most cases, a reckless or negligent driver is found to be at fault. In other cases, however, the issue can be traced back to a vehicle design defect.

Defective Products Cause Burn Injuries

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission reports on thousands of incidents every year in which defective consumer products cause injury and death. A substantial number of these incidents involve burn injuries. Past incidents have included:

Product liability claims are the usual approach for seeking relief when a victim sustains burn injuries due to a defective product.

Workplace Accidents Cause Burn Injuries

Thermal, chemical, and electrical burns can occur in the workplace for a variety of reasons. Job-related accidents occur due to a lack of safety protocols and equipment, improper labeling of chemicals, improper training, or the lack of personal protective equipment. Most workplace burns fall under the employer’s workers’ compensation coverage, although third parties may have liability for the victim’s injuries in some cases.

Structure Fires Cause Burn Injuries

One memorable incident, a Florida casino boat fire in 2017, led to the death of a 42-year-old woman and at least 8 other injuries. Often, structure fires are purely accidental. Sometimes, however, these tragedies occur due to someone’s negligence or carelessness.

Premises Liability Incidents Cause Burn Injuries

Victims can sustain injuries in public and private locations due to electrical wiring problems, gas explosions, construction defects, etc. Scalding (thermal burns) can also occur when a facility (such as a hotel or childcare center, for example) sets water heater temperatures too high. Bar and restaurant patrons risk burn injuries any time they’re served a flaming drink or food item. In many of these cases, the cause of the injury can be traced back to negligence.

No matter how you or a loved one suffered a severe burn injury, you may have the right to pursue compensation if someone else was at fault. A burn injury lawyer can identify the at-fault party (or parties) and hold them accountable for the pain and loss you suffered.

What Is the Average Burn Injury Settlement Amount in Texas?

Burn injuries can range from mild (1st degree) to catastrophic (3rd degree or worse). The damage can be limited to only the hands or face, for example, or it can extend to cover the entire body. Further, as noted above, burn injuries can result from virtually any source, from the workplace to defective products.

Due to the diverse nature of burn injury cases, it isn’t possible to identify an average Texas burn injury settlement amount. The best way to determine what your case value might be is to meet with a burn injury lawyer. A lawyer can provide a more accurate estimate based on the extent of your injuries and the facts of your case.

What Damages Can Be Claimed in a Texas Burn Injury Lawsuit?

Burn injury settlements typically include the victim’s financial, physical, and emotional damages.  This might include damages such as:

  • Medical treatment costs,
  • In-home or residential care costs,
  • Rehabilitation and therapy,
  • Lost wages and benefits,
  • Emotional trauma, and
  • Pain and suffering.

Because many burn victims sustain long-term or permanent injuries, you may also be entitled to pursue compensation for:

  • Future lost income and benefits,
  • Future care and medical treatment,
  • Diminished quality of life, and
  • Diminished earning capacity.

Your attorney will identify all your burn injury damages for inclusion in your claim. This helps ensure that you get the compensation you need for a secure future. A wrongful death lawyer can also assist you if you lost a loved one due to a burn injury. You may be entitled to compensation for funeral and interment costs, future lost income, and other damages.

How Big of a Settlement WillI Get for a 2nd Degree Burn?

How much is a second degree burn worth? Second degree burns can range from fairly mild to quite severe in nature. Victims might experience limited blistering and pain but ultimately heal without scarring. Other second degree burn victims could require skin grafts and be left with permanent scarring.

In most cases, 2nd degree burn settlement amounts depend on how severe the victim’s injuries are and how they will affect the victim’s future.

Typically, burn victims can pursue compensation from the liable party for medical treatment, lost wages, and other damages typical to personal injury cases. In addition, you may be able to pursue damages for scarring, disability, or related losses. To get a better idea of how big of second degree burn compensation, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.

How Big of a Settlement Will I Get for a 3rd Degree Burn?

Third degree burns destroy all layers of the skin along with nerve endings and cause damage to subcutaneous tissue. Victims require skin grafts and multiple invasive surgeries in most cases. In many cases, victims require amputation. Death can result from a third-degree burn injury.

3rd degree burn settlement amounts will depend on your injuries and your prognosis. You can pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other economic losses. Non-economic losses, such as scarring and emotional trauma, can vary depending on several factors. For example, if you sustained permanent, severe scarring on your face, your case value could be higher due to the emotional pain you will suffer for the rest of your life.

After documenting your case, your attorney will submit a demand to the at-fault party’s insurance company and negotiate toward a fair settlement. If your attorney cannot compel the insurance company to make a reasonable offer, your next option is to file a third degree burn lawsuit in civil court.

Fortunately, few insurance companies want to face a burn injury trial. The horrific damage caused by these injuries often inspire juries to sympathize with the victim.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Burn Injury Claim?

You are not required to be represented by an attorney. However, having an experienced personal injury lawyer can benefit you in many ways.

The Texas personal injury attorneys of Grossman Law Offices recognize how complex burn injury settlements and lawsuits can be. We also recognize that you are facing one of the most challenging times of your life. You don’t have to face this alone.

We offer a free consultation, and you pay no legal fees until we recover compensation for your case. Talk to us today and let us show you how we can help you get justice for your burn injuries.

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Consult a Texas Burn Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one suffered a severe burn injury, contact Grossman Law Offices as soon as possible. We take the time to listen and help you figure out the best options for your personal injury burn settlements. We fight for your legal rights and the compensation you deserve.


We maintain a fully staffed office in Dallas Texas, but we are not limited by geography. We routinely represent clients throughout the state of Texas in places like Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco, and El Paso. No matter where you are, or where you suffered your burn injury, we are ready to help.

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