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What’s the Average Semi-Truck Accident Settlement in Texas?

35,000 pounds. 17.5 tons. This is how much the average semi-truck weighs with an empty trailer. It's no wonder that collisions involving 18-wheelers so often result in serious injuries, catastrophic injuries, and death. There are thousands of 18-wheeler accidents in Texas each year. If you or a loved one is suffering the aftermath of a...

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How Much is a Broken Hip Injury Settlement Worth?

If you've suffered a fractured hip as the result of an accident you are probably wondering how much a potential personal injury claim might be worth. What’s the Average Settlement for a Personal Injury Case Involving a Broken Hip? As always, it's impossible to give an average settlement for a personal injury case involving a...

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What is the Typical Auto Accident Injury Settlement in Texas?

If you're suffering the consequences of a serious car accident – one that was caused because of someone else's negligence – you have every right to seek financial compensation and to understand how much the average Texas car accident settlement is for a case like yours. Want to know how much your Texas car accident...

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How Are Permanent Injury Settlements Valued?

Were you recently injured in a serious accident in Texas, causing you to suffer permanent injuries? Are you facing financial stress as you deal with your medical expenses and your inability to work? Are you curious about your options to hold the at-fault party accountable? At Grossman Law, we are known throughout the state of...

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