This is a Dangerous Way to Transport a Boat

Michael GrossmanSeptember 07, 2016 2 minutes

Not even 2 day after a major news report about increase in deaths on our roads due to improperly transported cargo, what does someone at Grossman Law Offices spot driving down the road? This:

Boat sticking out of the back of a pick-up truck
So you can enjoy your time on the water, everyone on the highway has to be put at risk?

Improper Cargo Transportation Costs Lives

Images like this are both frustrating and infuriating. For most passenger cars, the back of the boat is right at chest and head level, which means that if the pickup has to make a sudden stop, the result is the whoever is behind them had better be on their toes or they risk having their chest caved in or being decapitated.

On the off chance that this driver was pulled over by the police, the only legal remedy available is a fine between $25 and $500 per § 725.003 of the Texas Transportation Code.

Don't get me wrong, I can't think of too many people who don't like to go out on the water, but your past times shouldn't endanger everyone who uses the same roadways.

At any rate, there's very little I can add that most people won't get just by looking at the picture. I would guess that some folks may try to defend the driver by pointing out that the boat appears to be fairly well secured by tie down straps. However, that's missing the point. Imagine that instead of a boat, the pickup truck driver had a very well secured spear sticking out of the back of his truck. Would we still focus on the fact that the spear is well-secured? Of course not, because spears are inherently dangerous. In fact, a boat that sticks that far out of the bed of a pickup truck is just a spear in a different form when vehicles are traveling at highway speeds.

Behavior like this is literally killing hundreds of people every single year, in Texas and around the country. If anyone knows the owner of Yeah I Did, they may want to inform them they need a truck with a longer bed or a trailer.