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Allegations of Poor Alcohol Service by Patrons

There have been many stories that have circulated locally regarding the adult entertainment industry, especially regarding the extracurricular activities that some, not all, may allow to occur at their establishments. However, we just want to plainly and succinctly lay out the facts and circumstances regarding possible alcohol violations that may put patrons and motorists at risk due to irresponsible alcohol service.

Simply because a Corsets Cabaret location has been investigated, it does not mean that they are a location that displays a pattern of violating TABC code. Conversely, if a location has been investigated and investigators determine that they are not in violation of TABC code, that does not mean that the alleged violation did not take place. At times, sufficient evidence required to prove that either criminal or administrative violations occurred is hard to come by. We are simply reporting the locations that were put on the TABC's radar for one reason or another by concerned citizens and law enforcement agencies.

Corsets Cabaret Has Been Investigated by the TABC

Fort Worth - 8128 Camp Bowie West


On 3/17/2017, it was alleged by a patron that employees of Corsets Cabaret were soliciting alcoholic beverages.

TABC investigators looked into the matter and were unable to uncover sufficient evidence in order to take further action on the matter. The case was closed on 05/11/2017.

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