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When Can Street Sweepers Be Liable for an Accident?

How Street Sweeper Accident Cases Work

In most modern American cities, street sweepers are pretty commonplace. Texas cities are no different, and they definitely have these vehicles on their streets. Street sweepers are used for a variety of reasons, but most commonly to remove the debris, trash, and glass that collect on our city streets and in parking lots. Street sweepers are large, are built differently than typical commercial trucks, and can be difficult to maneuver. Because of this, accidents with other motorists can and do occur.

If you have been injured in an accident with a street sweeper you may be confused as to what your next steps are. And it would be no surprise if the company that owns the street sweeping vehicle initially denies liability for your injuries and hopes that you and your claim simply disappear. Don't let them get away with it. Our lawyers at the Grossman Law Offices have 25 years of litigating accidents involving commercial vehicles, and this article will explain how we can help you with your claim.

Questions Answered On This Page:

  • Who is liable if a street sweeper hits me?
  • Are street sweepers required to carry insurance?
  • Does the commercial trucking company have to compensate me for my injuries?

Commercial Vehicle Owners

When you've been injured in an accident with a street sweeper, it may be difficult to determine all of the responsible parties. The commercial trucking company could be using their own vehicle, they could have contracted out the street sweeping duties to another smaller company, or they could have even contracted out to an individual with an independently-owned street sweeping vehicle. In any of these scenarios, your statement, as well as concrete evidence are essential in assigning responsibility to the street sweeper that injured you.

For example, if the commercial company owns the street sweeper vehicle and employs the driver that was operating the vehicle when it injured you, determining the responsible party is probably going to be fairly straightforward. However, if the commercial company contracted the work to another smaller company, many things will need to be looked at. You will first need to determine the status of the company that the work was contracted out to. These questions may be:

  • If they are an agent of the commercial trucking company or an independent contractor,
  • Or if the person operating the street sweeper was an employee of the other company,
  • Or if they were a contract worker to that other company as well?

There are so many different issues to consider when making sure the correct party is held liable for your injuries after an accident with a street sweeper. Navigating this maze alone can be difficult, especially when the commercial trucking companies are not always forthcoming with the information that is vital to your case. You need someone on your side to help you slice through the confusion to get to the truth. Let our truck accident lawyers here at Grossman Law Offices help you cut through the red tape and get you the compensation you deserve from the parties responsible for your injuries.

Insurance: Big Policy = Big Issues

By law, businesses that own and operate commercial vehicles in the state of Texas must carry a minimum amount of liability insurance on these vehicles. Because of the nature of the work commercial vehicles perform, including the role of street sweepers, there is an inherent risk factor built in. Street sweepers come in contact with pedestrians, motorists, and animals, so naturally there is the risk of accident, injury, or even death to any one of these parties.

As you can imagine it is expensive to obtain and maintain insurance on these vehicles, and the commercial vehicle owners know this. These policies are worth hundreds of thousands or sometimes even millions of dollars, so the commercial vehicle owners and their insurance carriers will not take claims filed against them lightly.

The owners of the street sweeper truck that has injured you may not accept liability for your claim even when it is clear they are at fault. They do not want to put their insurance coverage in jeopardy by accepting fault for your injuries, and as such, will fight tooth and nail against your claim. This is why having the personal injury attorneys at Grossman Law Offices involved early on is key. This is not something you should go through alone, and the commercial vehicle owners and their insurance companies count on you being intimidated and frustrated by the process. Don't let them bully you into walking away or accepting less than what you are entitled to for your claim. Call our offices today.

Aggressive Defense

As discussed above, the commercial trucking companies do not want to be fair with your claim, even when it is clear their vehicle and driver caused your injuries. Not only will they not treat you fairly, but they have aggressive attorneys on their side that will do everything in their power to make sure you walk away with nothing, regardless of the fault of the trucking company.

You can rest assured that the trucking company's lawyers are not amateurs. They have years of experience dealing with these claims and know how to avoid having to compensate plaintiffs. These lawyers will work tirelessly to protect the interest of the commercial trucking companies and insurance carriers that employ them and will look for every loophole, excuse and justification they can find for not paying you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Consequently, your injuries and recovery are not their concern and they will not show you any compassion or fairness. They have a lot at stake and will do whatever is necessary to protect it. To hold them accountable, you need someone on your side who will work as aggressively to protect your interests as the trucking companies and insurance carriers protect theirs. The truck accident lawyers at Grossman Law Offices will fight for your rights and help you through this difficult time.

Don't Go It Alone

If you have been injured by a street sweeping truck or any other commercial trucking vehicle, it may be difficult for you to understand all the aspects involved in making a successful claim against the trucking company and its driver on your own. Determining the proper parties to bring your claim against, fighting the insurance company, and dealing with the aggressive lawyers to get your just compensation are definitely matters that call for experienced help.

Understanding street sweeper accident claims and how to obtain the compensation injured victims deserve is something our lawyers at Grossman Law Offices have a lot of experience with, and we're ready to help you. It is a certainty that the commercial trucking companies and their insurance carriers have aggressive attorneys on their side working against you, so you need equally determined attorneys on your side working for you. You don't have to do this alone. Our attorneys are here to help. We would be more than happy to help you through this at our number: (855) 326-0000. It's a toll free line, and anything you say will be kept confidential. Trust Grossman Law Offices to handle your case, and see the difference it will make for the success of your claim.

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