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What Is a Tort?

You may have heard the term "tort" before, maybe when it was being used by a lawyer on TV or in some other legal context. But what does tort mean? What exactly is a tort? Answer: A tort is an act that harms someone, for which the offender can be sued. The term also refers...

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What is a Personal Injury Demand Letter?

Click here to view a sample personal injury demand letter. A personal injury demand letter is a letter that formally requests compensation for damages suffered as a result of a personal injury. Typically, either the injured person or their attorney drafts a demand letter and sends it to either the person who caused their injuries...

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What Are the Recoverable Damages in a Texas Personal Injury Case?

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the recoverable damages under Texas personal injury law, and how you can effectively pursue compensation. The abstract goal of any personal injury lawsuit is to seek justice by holding a party accountable for the harm their negligence has inflicted upon another person. It would hardly be just if, at the conclusion...

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