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Our personal injury attorneys in the McKinney, TX area have been helping clients recover the compensation they deserve for over 30 years.

Our attorneys will help you through every step of the personal injury claims process, allowing you to move past this difficult time.

If you’ve suffered an injury in the McKinney, TX area, contact a personal injury attorney today.

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What to Look for in a McKinney, TX Personal Injury Lawyer

When choosing a personal injury attorney in the McKinney, TX area, there are several important considerations you should take into account.

Compatible Personality

When looking for a personal injury attorney, you should look for one who has a compatible personality with your own.

You should feel comfortable speaking with the attorney about your case and feel like he or she listens to your concerns. You should also feel like you can trust that the lawyer will fight for you with your best interests in mind.

Experience in Handling Your Type of Personal Injury Case

You want to find a personal injury attorney who has trial experience in handling your type of personal injury claim. Because there are many types of accidents that fall under the umbrella of personal injury law, you want to make sure you find a McKinney injury lawyer who has litigated your type of claim before. 

Additionally, lawyers with trial experience tend to be strong negotiators when dealing with insurance companies. That can result in a higher settlement award for you. Take a look at the types of personal injury cases we handle at Grossman Law Offices.

Contingency Fee Agreement

It is extremely important to find a lawyer who works under a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee agreement means that you do not have to pay the attorney unless you recover compensation in your case.

Most McKinney injury lawyers operate under contingency fee agreements, but you want to make sure of this before hiring a lawyer.

Connections Within the McKinney, TX Area

You should find a lawyer that is well-connected within the McKinney area. A lawyer who is well-connected usually receives referrals from other lawyers in their area. You can usually infer from this that the lawyer can provide you with quality legal representation.

Lawyers that are well-connected within their community also have many resources to help them should they need it. 

Strong Reputation

Additionally, your personal injury lawyer should have a strong reputation for performing good legal work in the McKinney, TX area. A great way to get a sense of whether a lawyer has a strong reputation is to read their client reviews. Reading client reviews can help you determine whether the lawyer has a high success rate based on whether prior clients are satisfied with the lawyer’s services. Other resources that can help you find a lawyer with a strong reputation include websites like Avvo, which rate lawyers in your area.

Overview of Car Crash Statistics in McKinney (2014–2018)

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, below are the annual injuries, fatalities, and total crashes resulting from car crashes in McKinney, TX from 2014 to 2018.

Injuries, Fatalities, and Total Crashes in McKinney, TX 2014 to 2018
Total Crashes1,8231,6561,3821,3511,423

As you can see, the total number of crashes fell from 2014 to 2017, but rose again slightly in 2018. However, the number of fatalities was its third-highest in 2018, with 2014 being the deadliest year. Additionally, the total number of injuries was the second-highest in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions our personal injury clients ask us.

What Damages Can I Get in Texas Personal Injury Cases?

The types of damages that a court may award in personal injury cases include economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Economic damages

Economic damages include compensation for physical harms such as lost wages, medical expenses, and diminished earning capacity. They are the most common form of damages courts award in personal injury cases.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages include compensation for mental and emotional harm such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional distress. They are more difficult to estimate because of their subjective nature.

Punitive damages

Courts award punitive damages only in cases where the defendant acted with fraud, malice, or gross negligence. They are designed to punish the defendant and deter others from performing similar conduct. Texas law limits punitive damages to the greater of:

  • $200,000, or
  • Two times the amount of economic damages plus an amount equal to non-economic damages up to $750,000.

You should speak with a McKinney, TX personal injury lawyer today to find out the types of damages you might be able to recover in your case.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive?

The amount of compensation you can receive in a Texas personal injury case depends on many factors, including:

  • The severity of your injury,
  • Your age and earning capacity,
  • The cost of your medical treatment, and
  • The types of damages you’re entitled to.

Talking with a personal injury lawyer is a great way to get a sense of the amount of compensation you might receive.

What Is Comparative Negligence?

Comparative negligence applies to limit the compensation you can receive based on your percentage of fault. Texas law bars you from recovery if you were more than 50% at fault in causing the accident.

If you were 50% or less at fault, your percentage of fault reduces your recovery. For example, if you suffered $100,000 in damages but were 30% at fault, your damages will be limited to $70,000.

What If My Accident Happened While I Was Working?

If your accident happened while you were working, you may have a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides financial compensation for injuries that you suffered during your job. 

However, Texas law does not require all employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. If your employer does not carry workers’ comp, you may be able to seek compensation through a personal injury suit. 

Our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve either through a workers’ compensation claim or other means.

How a McKinney, TX Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After an Accident

mckinney personal injury attorney

After suffering an accident, a personal injury lawyer can take care of the legal process and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Determine Whether You Have a Claim

After you’ve suffered an accident in McKinney, TX, a personal injury attorney can first determine whether you have a claim.

You must prove four elements to have a successful personal injury claim in Texas:

  1. The other person owed you a duty,
  2. He or she breached their duty,
  3. Their breach of duty was both the actual and proximate cause of your injuries, and
  4. You suffered damages in the form of physical and/or emotional harm.

Speak with our McKinney, TX injury lawyers today to find out whether you can qualify for a personal injury claim.

Help You File Your Case on Time

If you have a personal injury case, a lawyer can help you make sure it is filed on time. Statutes of limitation provide the time frame for filing lawsuits.

For Texas personal injury lawsuits, the statute of limitations is two years. This means that you must file your case within two years of the date of the accident, or you lose the right to sue.

Fight to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Finally, after your case is filed, a personal injury attorney should fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Most personal injury cases are settled through negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company. During settlement negotiations, a lawyer should strive to get you the highest possible settlement.

If your case cannot be settled through negotiation, a lawyer should fight to get you the compensation you’re entitled to in court.

Our personal injury lawyers at Grossman Law Offices have been getting our clients the compensation they need for over 30 years.

Why We Are the Most Experienced Trial Attorneys in the McKinney, TX Area

With over 30 years of trial experience, our personal injury attorneys at Grossman Law Offices are the most experienced in the McKinney, TX area. We have won thousands of cases for our clients, getting them the compensation they deserve through jury verdicts or settlements.

We have earned numerous awards and recognition for our outstanding legal services. Additionally, we have had a number of cases that have gained local and national media attention.

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