Client Stories: Car Accident Brain Injury Case

Michael GrossmanJanuary 14, 2015 < 1 minute

When Nolan B. turned 2, his parents began to notice that he was having problems, both physically and mentally. Because they were Nolan's adopted parents, they started to investigate his past, and discovered that his birth mother had been involved in a very serious car accident while he was still in the womb. While Nolan had appeared to be healthy up to this point, his parents learned that it often took months or years for brain injury symptoms to appear.

After Nolan's parents hired us as their attorneys, we immediately began our investigation. We obtained medical records that revealed his birth mother had suffered a serious injury from the accident. All signs pointed to Nolan having an undiagnosed brain injury, one that could have been identified earlier if someone had thought to look for it at the time.

After gathering as much evidence as we could and hiring our medical experts to give their testimony about Nolan's case, we pursued a case against the people at fault in the car accident. Though Nolan's parents were devastated to learn that the child they believed to be healthy had suffered terrible consequences from a serious brain injury, we were able to get Nolan a 7-figure recovery to cover medical costs. While this doesn't take away from the fact that an injury that happened to Nolan before he was born will affect him the rest of his life, it gave his family the ability to focus their energy on looking after Nolan, rather than having to worry about his medical expenses.