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How Can Expert Witnesses Be Used in a Work Injury Case in Texas?

Expert witnesses can be invaluable to your Texas work injury case.

A lot of people are under the impression that attorneys are the only experts they'll need on their case. But in truth, some topics are so technical that its best to have a bona fide subject matter expert to explain the technical nuances of a particular process or profession. A lot of lawyers try to wing it and make it up as they go along when they encounter something that's outside their area of expertise, but that's a strategy that rarely works.

Further, juries aren't going to just take a lawyer's word alone, making expert testimony a true bridge between the injured worker and the jury. Therefore, they'll present subject-matter experts to explain in plain terms the more challenging and technical aspects of a work-injury case.

Grossman Law Offices has a team of respected experts, cultivated over years of successful practice, who are capable of taking even the most complex "inside-baseball" and making it understandable to each and every member of a jury. By clarifying the events of an accident in easy to understand, expert testimony, expert witnesses can add significant value to a case.

In this article, experienced work accident lawyer Michael Grossman discusses how an expert witness can help maximize your compensation in your Texas work injury case.

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  • How do I get expert witness testimony for my Texas work injury case?

Why do I need expert witnesses on my side?

The essence of a work injury case is that an employer's negligence led to his failing to perform a duty that was owed to a worker. As a result, a worker was needlessly injured. While that sounds like a pretty simple proposition to prove in court, the complexities and specialization in darn near any occupation means that expert witnesses are often necessary to illustrate what duty an employer owed and how they failed in that duty.

There are two big reasons you want expert witnesses testifying on your behalf. First, modern industries are extremely specialized, with their own jargon and technical terms. Methods of manufacturing and shipping have gotten increasingly complex over the years, and so have safety systems. An expert can be a valuable asset in explaining the ins-and-outs of an industry and its processes. Moreover, the stable of expert witnesses, cultivated by Grossman Law Offices, has a long history of explaining complicated things to juries who aren't familiar with the particulars of your case and can stand up to the rigors of cross-examination.

This flows into the second reason you want experts on your side: the opposition will have them too. Your employer will have plenty of resources on their side to fight your non-subscriber work injury claim, and that means expert witnesses to counter every argument and contention you make. Experienced defense firms have rosters of expert witnesses to call on with impressive credentials to discredit you. You want a law firm on your side that can match or exceed the opposition in terms of this tactic.

The Two Types of Expert Witness

Now that we've gone over the reasons you want to involve experts in your case, let's discuss the two types of expert witnesses that will be called in the typical non-subscriber work injury case.

  • Liability Experts

    There are two types of liability experts: specific and general. A general liability expert can speak on safety in the workplace in broad terms. They usually have worked for OSHA or similar agency in the past and are familiar with best safety practices across industries. They know how rules and regulations are applied and will know if they've been violated or ignored. A specific liability expert can testify about things like hazardous materials, electricity, etc. These experts are trained in a specific area or have a specialty in a field. For example, when workers are injured by heavy drilling machinery out in the oilfields, we can call on a specific liability expert witness who knows how the industry and its machinery works. This type of witness can offer a precise explanation of what went wrong.

  • Damages Experts

    A damages expert can describe what you've lost in a way that it is easy for a jury to understand. For example, an economics expert can map out how much you've lost in wages and future income due to injury or loss of a loved one. It's often advantageous to have psychological experts as each person expresses grief over loss differently. A medical expert is often needed to interpret medical evidence like x-ray images or charts. In addition, they can explain the extent of injuries and defend medically reasonable and necessary expenditures. Further, they can help from a liability standpoint as well by defending against pre-existing conditions. Finally, a medical expert can also outline predicted future medical expenses related to your injury. This is important as you have only one shot to be compensated, and cannot be be compensated later if something else arising from your injury comes up. In essence, these experts connect the damages with the evidence of the injuries a worker has sustained.

With our 25 years of experience, we know what experts you need.

The truth is that few firms are as well positioned as Grossman Law Offices in terms of having a stable of expert witnesses who can bolster your case and help ensure you get just compensation for your injury or loss or both. We've had a quarter-century to find the best subject-matter experts in a large variety of fields. And this is doubly important as the opposition will try to match you or beat you in every aspect of your case, expert witnesses especially.

To discuss your Texas non-subscriber work injury claim with an experienced attorney, call Grossman Law Offices any time, day or night, at (855) 326-0000, toll-free.

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