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How Long Does it Take to Settle a Car Accident Case?

how long does car accident settlements take

If you were in a car accident, you’re probably wondering, How long do car accident settlements take? A car crash often happens in the blink of an eye. In a perfect world, car accident cases would settle just as quickly.

But unfortunately, they can take weeks or even years to resolve, and settlement amounts can vary wildly. Keep reading to learn more about the car accident settlement timeline.

What Factors Influence the Time It Takes to Settle a Car Accident Case?

Just how long do car accident settlements take? Though every case is different, the following are some of the factors that can increase or decrease how quickly your accident claim settles: 

  • Case worth—if your case is worth more, it will take longer to settle because insurance companies often try to limit the payout;
  • Establishing liability—in some car accident cases, establishing liability and proving negligence is difficult, which can draw out the settlement process;
  • Eyewitness accounts—if other parties witnessed the accident, the interviewing process could take months;
  • Insurance companies involved—some insurance companies are known for settling quickly, and others are known for taking longer;
  • The severity of your injuries—cases involving injuries that cause disability or are likely to have long-term consequences take longer to settle than cases involving injuries you fully recover from;
  • Recovery time—if injuries require ongoing treatment, you won’t know your total medical costs until you have fully recovered;
  • Retrieving medical and patient account records—retrieving records that support your injury claims can be a protracted process that makes it take longer to reach a car accident settlement; and
  • Jurisdictional caseload—if your case doesn’t settle and goes to trial, the jurisdiction’s caseload where your case is assigned can determine how quickly a judge hears it.

The skilled professionals at Grossman Law Offices understand insurance company tactics and how to counter them. From beginning to end, we will do everything we can to protect your rights and secure the settlement you need and deserve.

What Are the Steps in the Claims and Settlement Process?

Settling a car crash claim in Texas can be perplexing, if not exasperating, especially when dealing with an insurance company. The good news is that most crash claims settle before ever going to trial. But whether an insurer pays your claim, your claim is settled in mediation, or your claim is settled before trial, there are a few steps you need to take to protect your right to compensation.

After the accident, write down the names, addresses, phone numbers, registration numbers, and insurance company names of all the drivers involved in the accident. You should also write down the names and contact information of any witnesses. Jot down the time, date, location, circumstances, and road conditions at the time of the accident.

If you can, take pictures or video of all damages and injuries, roadway conditions, skid marks, and other evidence. If a police officer did not respond to the accident scene, file a Crash Report, Form CR-2, within ten days of the accident if the accident resulted in injury, death, or property damage over $1,000.

Once you collect all the evidence supporting your claim, submit it to your attorney, who can submit it to the insurance company. Using your evidence, case facts, and, if needed, help from medical experts and accident reconstructionists, your attorney will calculate your damages. Your attorney will send a demand letter with your total damages to the insurance company.

The insurer typically has 30 days to make an offer or settle your case from the day they receive the demand letter. The insurer will investigate and may request more information from you or your attorney. The insurer will then submit a settlement offer. If you are unhappy with the settlement offer, your lawyer can negotiate with the insurer for better compensation. If you cannot achieve the settlement you seek, you may need to file a lawsuit. However, as the lawsuit moves forward, settlement talks may continue.

Car accident victims shouldn’t have to deal with insurance adjusters who will try to manipulate them into thinking they are responsible for an accident or offer a lowball settlement. At Grossman Law Offices, we can relieve you of that burden and assist you throughout the claims process by handling all negotiations with the insurance company.

Grossman Law Offices Can Help

Grossman Law Offices has been helping car accident victims achieve just settlements for over 30 years. We’ve helped thousands of clients get their lives back on track, garnering results that have made local and national headlines. Better yet, our skilled attorneys aren’t just award-winning advocates but also compassionate people who genuinely believe you are more than a paycheck or casefile.

At Grossman Law Offices, we prepare every claim as though it will go to trial so that the insurance company knows we mean business. We will approach your claim with the skill and tenacity it takes to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

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