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How Do I Know When or If I Should Sue after a Car Accident?

The short answer to this is that if you don't live in a "no-fault" state, and you can prove that the other driver is liable for the car accident, it would be a good idea to contact an attorney to discuss your case. Since Texas is not a "no-fault" state, the next step to look at is the liability of the other driver in the accident.

Proving liability is the most challenging and important step. In order to prove liability, you must first show that the other driver was negligent. After you've done this, you must prove that you've suffered damages as a result of your injuries from the car accident (extent of your physical injuries, medical bills, lost wages, etc.) Once both of these things are met, you will file the suit, and take it to trial if necessary.

An attorney can help you with many of these things if you're unsure where to start. Our page on "signs you need an attorney" gives more details about this.

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