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How Can I Get Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

After being injured in a car wreck, your first inclination is to go to the doctor. That's good. Getting a big settlement in your case does you no good if you are still in poor health afterwards. However, many of our clients don't have the means to get all of the medical attention that they need following an accident. But fret not. We can help you cover that as well.

How we can get you the right treatment.

Over our 25 years of helping car accident victims, we've developed relationships with medical professionals all over the state. We don't try to diagnose our clients' health problems, but rather make sure a competent physician assesses them and gives them the treatment they need. If you can't afford to see a doctor, that's not a problem. Most of the doctors we know are willing to treat you and then wait to get paid once you've settled your case.

Getting medical care is important for several reasons:

  • Your health matters more than anything. It doesn't matter how much money you have in your pocket---if you don't have your health, your entire life will be impacted. After a serious car accident, you might not be able to work, take care of your family, or go about your daily life. Getting you back on your feet is our preeminent goal, and that's hard to accomplish if you don't get the medical care you need.
  • We need to know how much to sue for. When we file a lawsuit, we don't initially have to spell out exactly how much money we think you deserve; that comes later. Nonetheless, at some point, a court will demand hard-and-fast financial figures. We need a pretty close idea of what sort of medical treatments you'll need so we can ask the court to award that money to you.
  • The law requires you take care of yourself. You essentially have a legal duty to get medical treatment. If you don't, then the defendant can claim you failed to "mitigate your damages." Basically, you have to try to get better. If you don't, and you get worse, the defendant can actually use that against you.
Following a car accident, nothing is more important than receiving the proper medical treatment. Attorney Michael Grossman discusses.
Small problems can sometimes turn into big ones when a victim doesn't receive the proper medical attention.

How we can get the person who hit you to pay for it.

We know that you've already had some medical bills and will likely have more in the future. This might seem like a burden you'll have to bear alone. But that's not going to happen if we have anything to do with it. Under the law, we're empowered to file suit against the defendant for the money you'll need.

In Texas, drivers are required to maintain a minimum level of liability insurance. The problem is that this money is not "automatic." In a perfect world, all you'd have to do is file paperwork with the negligent driver's insurance company and they'd cut you a check. But if this were a perfect world, you'd never have been hit at all, right? Instead, you have to go fight for it in the legal system. And that requires an experienced car accident lawyer.

Don't waste your opportunity on an inexperienced attorney.

Now is the time to stand up and get the compensation you deserve. Someone is going to have to pay your medical bills, and it shouldn't be you. Call us at 1-855-326-0000 right now to learn more about how we can help.

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