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What if the car accident wasn’t my fault or the other driver’s fault?

Sometimes, neither party in the car accident is completely at fault. In this case, there may be a third party at fault. What this means is that even though one driver may be responsible for the accident, there might be a third party that played a major role in the cause of the car accident.

A third party may be a parent to a child under 18, an alcohol provider (if the driver was overserved), a manufacturer (if the vehicle had a faulty part), etc. In this case, both the driver and the third party may be liable if negligence is proved in both cases. Often, the victim of a car accident will not find out about the guilty third parties unless an investigation is launched by an attorney.

Many law offices, like ours, don't charge any fees unless you win your case, so if an attorney thinks you might have a good case against a third party, they will launch the investigation to find out, free of charge to you. Read our page on third party claims to find out more.

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