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How Do Lawsuits Against Amusement Park Shuttle Buses Work?

Experienced bus accident attorney Michael Grossman explains what happens if someone is injured by an amusement park shuttle bus.

Bus accident cases don't work the same way a car accident claim works. In fact, when it comes to accidents involving amusement park shuttles, it might not be clear who is at fault or who can be held responsible.

In this article, we'll look at who is responsible when someone is injured in an accident with an amusement park shuttle bus, and how to go about recovering your losses.

Questions Answered on This Page:

  • Who owns an amusement park shuttle bus?
  • Who is responsible if an amusement park shuttle bus injures me?
  • Who can I sue if I've been injured by an amusement park shuttle bus?

What you need to know about amusement park shuttle buses:

Most people don't realize that the buses that shuttle them around at amusement parks, or take them out to their vehicles, or even pick them up from their hotels, aren't always owned by the amusement park. They're often an independent company. So that raises some questions. Who is responsible if you're injured by that shuttle bus? That's a complex issue. It depends on some situational specifics that we don't have time to go into for the purposes of this article. Let's look at a couple examples.

If Jane is sitting on a bench out in front of her hotel waiting on the Marriott shuttle bus to take her to Six Flags and the bus runs up onto the curb, strikes Jane injuring her. That is likely the fault of the bus driver/the company that owns the bus. It's not the fault of Six Flags.

You're riding on a shuttle bus out to your car after finishing a long day at Sea World. The shuttle is emblazoned all over it's exterior with Sea World advertisements and a themed wrap. Regardless of who literally owns the vehicle, for all intents and purposes, that shuttle bus is doing business as Sea World. So if you're injured in an accident in that shuttle, Sea World can be held responsible.

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How an experienced bus accident attorney can help.

Grossman Law Offices has over 25 years of experiences handling bus accident cases. We've won literally thousands of personal injury cases, and we know this area of the law almost better than anyone. If you've been injured in an accident involving an amusement park shuttle bus, give us a call at (855) 326-0000 to talk about your possible claim. We have experienced attorneys standing by to speak with you 24/7.

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