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How Do Lawsuits Against School Buses Work in Texas?

What does Texas law say about school bus accidents? The September 2015 Houston school bus tragedy, which claimed the lives of 2 students and injured 2 more, plus the bus driver, briefly catapulted the issue of school bus safety into the spotlight. The accident proved a stark reminder that school bus accidents do happen and...

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Who Is Liable for Injuries Caused by Defective Buses?

Suing Bus Manufacturers for Defective and Dangerous Buses When most people think of the safety of buses, intuitively they assume that since buses are such large vehicles, they are also safe. The reality is that buses are constructed using primitive methods and outdated technology. The result is that buses are, in fact, not very safe...

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What Are the Insurance Requirements For Commercial Buses?

What are the insurance coverage requirements for a bus? As you might expect, buses are required to carry more insurance than a passenger vehicle. The reason for this is because buses can inflict more harm on more people than a typical passenger car can. And while it is generally a good thing that buses are...

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