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What Are Common Injuries in a Rollover Accident?

Rollover accidents can cause a variety of severe injuries to those involved.

The injuries that commonly occur in rollover accidents are generally more severe than what you might find of typical car accidents. The forces imparted into the vehicle's chassis are generally more significant, affecting a much greater portion of the vehicle than what you would find in typical accidents, and to a much greater extent. The purpose of our article today is to discuss these issues, and clarify why certain injuries are more likely in rollovers than in other accidents.

What Injuries are Suffered in a Rollover?

First, a car accident victim can suffer from serious head injuries in a rollover accident. When it comes to rollovers, the threat is not necessarily making contact with the roof of your car as the vehicle turns over: most modern roofs are relatively protective in case you bump your head on them. Head injuries may only become an issue when the roof itself collapses, exposing your cranium to the hard cement. This hard contact could result in a concussion, black-out, permanent brain injury, or worse. A victim of a head injury could have even suffered cerebral contusion: brain trauma in which blood enters the brain. Any of these scenarios are injurious or fatal, and could result in some very serious long-term problems.

Additionally, all of the dangerous back and neck injuries experienced in other automobile and 18-wheeler accidents are exacerbated in rollovers. There is a high probability that you or a loved one are now suffering from frequent back pain. This could stem from serious issues, such as herniated discs or spinal cord trauma. These types of physical injuries are more likely to occur in rollovers because the victim's body is flung around in his or her seat multiple times.

As most people are aware, paralysis is an unfortunate byproduct of rollover accidents, as well. In the case of paralysis, the afflicted individual might never be able to walk again. An accident victim could experience paraplegia, the paralysis of the legs, or quadriplegia, the paralysis of all four limbs. Both are crippling conditions, and lead to serious challenges for rollover accident victims trying to celebrate life to its fullest. The reason why such paralysis injuries are common in rollover accidents is due to the fact that in a rollover, the roof structure will deform, and be compressed downward as it strikes the roadway. If the roof deforms enough, the driver or passengers of the vehicle will have its entire weight push onto one end of the passenger's spine, and the immovable ground will compress it from the other side. In much the same way that a person diving head-first into a shallow pool could suffer spinal injury due to compression, rollover accident victims encounter a similar phenomenon.

Unfortunately, even if the roof maintains its integrity during a rollover, the occupant or occupants could still eject out of his, her, or their vehicle. The force being placed on the person could be too great, especially when a car rolls over multiple times, so an accident victim could eventually be sent flying out of his or her vehicle. All too often, this is caused by an occupant not wearing his or her seat belt, creating a serious liability concern for the plaintiff. Should this happen, the defense could try to refute your claims with this - something that the jury might be more than willing to buy. Even the perception of this being the truth could ruin your claim, so be sure to disclose all of the relevant facts to your attorney right away.

Regardless if these injuries were caused by vehicular ejection or by being tossed around in one's seat, the victim of a Dallas rollover accident has real injuries, and likely has an equally certain cause of action to sue the person or group responsible for these injuries.

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