Why Do Attorneys Refer Cases to Grossman Law?

  • We’re known throughout Texas for our litigation prowess.
  • We have the resources to take on any case.
  • We never keep referring attorneys in the dark.
  • We move cases quickly and efficiently.

To get started, call us at 855-326-0000 of submit this short form.


We've been there. We've had to refer out cases that were outside our wheelhouse. We've had good experiences and we’ve also had experiences that left us disappointed because of slow progress and not being kept in the loop.

At Grossman Law, we treat referring attorneys the way we want to be treated when we refer out cases ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to a few of the questions we most commonly receive from attorneys who are considering referring a case to us. If you have more questions, feel free to call us anytime to discuss.

Do You Work as Local Counsel?

Yes. If the venue for your case is Texas we are happy to provide services as local counsel, which we have successfully done for other attorneys on numerous occasions.

What Type of Cases Do You Most Often Take on Referral?

While we are able to take on any type of personal injury case that we regularly handle, the cases most frequently referred to us by other attorneys are dram shop cases, truck accident cases, non-subscriber cases, and gross negligence work injury cases.

What’s it Like to Work with Grossman Law?

We know your reputation is important. We are committed to making you look good to your clients. You'll never have to explain to them how you thought the referral relationship with us would be different. When you refer your case to us, you will have the cell phone number of every attorney here at the firm and you'll find that working with us is easy.

How Do We Get Started? What are the Next Steps?

You can either call us (855-326-0000) or fill out this short form to tell us a little bit about the case. We will discuss the matter, work out how the labor and responsibilities will be divided, and propose a fair distribution of the attorneys’ fees. Once that has occurred, and the client consents to the arrangement, then we'll get a copy of the file from you and get to work.

Referring Attorney Inquiry