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The Problem

Negligent bars and bartenders who overserve patrons are a serious problem in Texas. Every year, countless individuals are injured or killed in alcohol-related accidents caused by drunk drivers who were served too much alcohol by irresponsible establishments. This reckless behavior not only endangers the lives of innocent people, but it also puts the liquor license of the offending bar or restaurant at risk. It’s time to hold these businesses accountable for their negligence and take a stand against the dangers of overserving.

The Solution

Dram shop lawsuits offer a solution to the problem of negligent bars and bartenders. By holding establishments accountable for the harm caused by their overserved patrons, dram shop laws act as a deterrent against irresponsible behavior. Victims of drunk driving accidents can receive compensation for their injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages, while families of those killed by drunk drivers can seek justice and closure. Furthermore, dram shop lawsuits help to create a safer environment for everyone by encouraging bars and restaurants to serve alcohol responsibly and prevent accidents before they occur.

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