Grossman Law Offices Sponsors Walk Like MADD 5K Fundraiser

Michael GrossmanAugust 23, 2019 < 1 minute

Grossman Law Offices is a proud sponsor of the annual Walk Like MADD 5K fundraiser, the signature event for the North Texas chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This special event brings together victims of drunk driving, their families, and activists to raise awareness about the still dangerous scourge of drunk driving.

The partnership between MADD and Grossman Law Offices is a natural fit. MADD has an amazing record of changing both the law and culture to discourage drunk driving, while our attorneys have successfully helped the victims of drunk driving, and punished bad bars through liquor liability lawsuits.

Recapping all of MADD's accomplishments would take a book, not an article, so here are just a few things everyone should know about the organization:

  • Founded in 1980, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been arguably the most successful organization combating drunk driving.
  • Thanks partly to its efforts, including raising the drinking age nationally to 21, there has been a 48% decrease in fatalities caused by intoxicated driving since 1982.
  • MADD field workers are on the front lines, counseling the victims of drunk driving crashes in the aftermath of serious drunk driving-related incidents.
  • The Walk Like MADD 5K fundraiser raises money to support these noble goals.

With a resume like that, it's easy to see why we're proud to assist North Texas MADD in any way we can. Check-in for this year's run takes place at Lake Carolyn in Irving, TX at 8 am on September 7th. Come out. Have fun. And if you see our booth, feel free to drop by the Grossman Law Offices' booth for complimentary breakfast tacos.