Texas Drunk Driving Statistics

Michael GrossmanApril 06, 2021 2 minutes

Drunk driving is a menace that ruins lives every single day. At Grossman Law, we have made it our mission help drastically reduce drunk driving in Texas.


It's why our founder, attorney Michael Grossman, serves on the advisory board of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

It's why we offer free sober rides during holidays. It's why we offer an annual drunk driving prevention scholarship.

And, of course, it's why we fight to achieve justice for victims of drunk driving in the courtroom.

The Texas drunk driving statistics below are curated from 10 years (2011 – 2020) of raw data provide by the Texas Department of Transportation. We find these numbers both shocking and profoundly sad.

We hope each person who visits this page will commit to being a part of the solution by pledging never to get behind the wheel after drinking.


Texas Drunk Driving Stats: 10 Year Averages


People are involved in a drunk driving crash in Texas every year.

Drunk Driving Crashes Per Year:


Drunk Driving Injuries Per Year:


Drunk Driving Deaths Per Year:


Drunk Driving Crashes Per Day:


Drunk Driving Injuries Per Day:


Drunk Driving Deaths Per Day:



of drunk driving crashes result in injuries.


of drunk driving crashes result in fatalities.

Texas Drunk Driving: 2020 Statistics


drunk driving crashes in 2020 represents the lowest number in a decade. The next lowest was 26,695 in 2017.


of drunk driving crashes, injuries, and deaths occur over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

42% of people killed in drunk driving crashes were

30 or Younger.


is the average age of people killed in drunk driving crashes.


of people involved in drunk driving crashes are men.


of people killed are between the ages of 16 and 26.


is the deadliest day of the week for drunk driving crashes.

Texas Drunk Driving Statistics in Context

The number of people killed in Texas drunk driving crashes every year is equivalent to the capacity of

7 Boeing 737s.

2 AT&T Stadiums

would just fit all of the people injured in drunk driving crashes in Texas over the past decade. There would only be about 9k seats to spare.

The number of people injured in Texas drunk driving crashes over the past decade is

3x the population of Greenland.