Grossman Law Offices Accepts Semi-Truck Accident Referrals Throughout Texas

Jeffrey CarrJune 21, 2019 5 minutes

It's no secret that any personal injury attorney in Texas is more than happy to take on a commercial truck accident case. To be perfectly blunt, the reason is simple: commercial trucks have more insurance than most passenger cars. The problem that many attorneys run into is that they quickly discover that 18-wheeler wrongful death or serious bodily injury crashes aren't just bigger car accidents with well-insured defendants; they're a different animal altogether. Many attorneys who find themselves in this situation look for help. Often, that search leads them to Grossman Law Offices. Award-winning Dallas attorney Michael Grossman has successfully litigated hundred of commercial truck accident cases over the last 3 decades and knows how to shepherd these cases to a successful resolution.

Our Experience With Semi-truck Accident Cases

In the world of high-stakes commercial truck litigation, there is no substitute for experience. Experience teaches us that contrary to what you may expect, commercial truck accidents aren't just car crashes with bigger insurance policies. When a defendant can potentially incur the kinds of losses that a crash exposes commercial trucking companies to, they never suffer from sticker shock when they see a client's damages, and they don't simply roll over.

Instead, resolving these cases requires dragging trucking companies, inch by inch, from the belief that they did nothing wrong, to the reality that they never want your case to go in front of a jury. While every truck accident case is unique, Grossman Law Offices has made an art out of getting trucking companies to accept this reality. The facts of the cases may change, but our battle-tested approach gets results.

Why Refer Your Semi-truck Accident Case To Us?

The most common question we receive when attorneys inquire about our referral service is "Why do I need Grossman Law Offices when I am already a darn good personal injury litigator?" The truth is that you may not. We're not going to pretend that attorneys have not called us up who had a lot of experience handling these cases, a sound litigation strategy, the resources to litigate the case, and a stable of expert witnesses ready to withstand the challenge of testifying before a jury. If you're absolutely certain that you have those things in place, then our referral service probably doesn't make sense for you and that's what we'll tell you.

However, we come across many attorneys who live in the courtroom and can litigate car accident cases, premises liability causes of action, and general negligence claims in their sleep, but rarely handle a truck accident case. They've never seen the tactics that truck accident defense attorneys employ. They don't know the leading truck accident investigators, accident reconstructionists, or industry watch-dogs. They aren't sure how much they'll rack up in case expenses just getting the case before a jury. If you find yourself in this situation, it only makes sense to look out for your client's best interests by finding a partner with the experience, knowledge, and resources to help construct the most compelling case possible. That's where Grossman Law Offices can help.

What Makes These Cases So Challenging?

Commercial truck accident cases are particularly challenging because of the stakes. Insurance companies don't hand off major injury or wrongful death 18-wheeler accidents to adjusters. They bring in defense attorneys from the start. In one case that we're currently litigating, the insurance company flew their attorney and accident reconstructionist to the crash scene less than an hour after the wreck occurred. The duo were able to manipulate the police investigation, even getting the authorities blessing to extract some computer evidence themselves before turning it over to the police.

Another issue is that the high stakes mean that it is exceptionally rare to come across a bad defense attorney. Bad commercial truck accident defense attorneys don't get to call themselves truck accident defense attorneys for long. The cream rises to the top and that leaves you with an adversary who has hundreds of truck accident cases under his or her belt. They only get the opportunity to gain this experience because they've shown the insurance companies that employ them that they know how to look after the company's interests. And what's good for the insurance companies is usually bad for your clients.

Our Firm Has the Resources to Get Your Referral Over the Finish Line

As you're probably aware, because their clients have so much at stake, defense attorneys in truck accident cases are able to draw upon tremendous resources to make their case. In fact, one common defense strategy is to run up the costs of the case, making it too expensive for many attorneys to pursue.

This means that balancing the scales in your client's favor requires extensive use of investigators, truck accident experts, and accident reconstructionists. It's not uncommon for the upfront expenses to hire these professionals to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our firm can easily accommodate those expenses.

The Logistics of Referring A Case to Us

Unlike the cases themselves, referring a case to us is simple: just call us. We'll verify that your case is one we can help, and if we can, send you a Consent to Associate Counsel form, along with an email detailing our split fee arrangement. If it works for you, reply with "I agree." We'll perform the necessary work to obtain a copy of the file, and proceed from there.

You Need a Law Firm that Will Make You Look Good

For many attorneys, the most difficult part about referring a case is that you place your reputation in another law firm's hands. Your client follows your advice and if the other law firm doesn't hold up their end of the deal, then it's you who looks bad. Our attorneys know this, because we've had to refer cases to other attorneys over the years and some did great work, while other referrals were mistakes. After the mistakes, we were the ones left cleaning up the messes with our clients, which is all the more reason that we never want to put another attorney in that position.

Rest assured, our award-winning client relations team is second to none. We believe that even the best litigators run into trouble, if the client isn't aware of the work done on their case. That's why our attorneys make it a priority to regularly reach out to clients and ensure that they're updated on both case strategy and events. Everyone at Grossman Law Offices understands the profound trust that a client places in their attorneys. We also know that when another attorney trusts us with their clients, we cannot let them down.

Grossman Law Offices Will Get Your Case Across the Finish Line

Not every law firm can check off all the boxes that you're looking for in a commercial truck accident case partner. Many will lack experience and knowledge, others resources, still more lack the necessary client-relations skill. Grossman Law Offices is strong across the board. Our firm is open to most any arrangement, whether it's acting as local counsel in the North Texas region or litigating your truck accident case in its entirety. That's why other attorneys have chosen Grossman Law Offices for their referral needs for decades.

If you wish to refer a commercial truck accident case to Grossman Law Offices, please call 855-326-0000 to find out how we can help.