Client Stories: Wrongful Death 18-Wheeler Accident

Michael GrossmanJuly 21, 2014 < 1 minute

Former client Mindi L. hired Grossman Law Offices to find out what happened in her father's accident with an 18-wheeler. She knew he was in a fatal wreck, but she wanted to know how it happened in order to get closure after his death.

Our attorneys began to investigate the case as soon as she hired us, and we learned that while her father was commuting to work on the day in question, he was involved in a minor collision. He pulled his vehicle off the highway and lawfully parked it out of the way of traffic. A few minutes later, a truck driver came up from behind, lost control of his vehicle, and drove straight into Mindi's father's car. As the two vehicles collided, Mindi's father was ejected from his car, and he died at the scene of the accident.

As we continued our investigation, evidence revealed that the driver who hit Mindi's father was under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident, largely contributing to the negligence that caused him to run off the road. Initially, the defendants only proposed that they would cover the cost of funeral expenses. However, our efforts led to settling the case for the full value of the defendant's insurance policy.

Mindi says she chose Grossman Law Offices because other firms she spoke with only seemed concerned with how the case would benefit them. We she came to us, we spent several hours speaking with her and learning about her and her family. Because we understood that closure was the most important thing to the family, she felt that we would fight for them and help them achieve this end.