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What Evidence Do I Need For a Product Liability Lawsuit?

When pursuing a product liability lawsuit, evidence is everything. Cases can only be won if you can prove to a jury (or convince the defendant's attorneys you can prove) that the product was defective and directly lead to your injuries. Evidence is how you do that. Compelling evidence is the bedrock of any successful personal injury...

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How Do Actos Lawsuits Work?

A Complete Overview of Actos Bladder Cancer Cases by Texas Drug Injury Attorney Michael Grossman Although most people are aware that the popular drug Actos has been linked to serious side effects (namely, bladder cancer) and that thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the drug's manufacturer, very few people understand how these cases work....

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Products Liability Negligence: Looking at Negligent Design

All manufacturers owe a legal duty to consumers. When it comes to issues of product design, the duty includes designing reasonable safe products. This is an obligation placed on manufacturers by law. This duty extends to both intended and reasonably foreseeable uses of the product. In this article, Texas products liability attorney Michael Grossman explains...

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