Bars Investigated by the TABC

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Locations Investigated by TABC

The Background Information You Need if You Are Considering a Dram Shop Case against Hopdoddy Burger Bar

My firm has sued more bars for liquor law violations than any other in Texas. In my over 30 years of experience, I have repeatedly seen just how serious the consequences can be when bars over-serve alcohol. One of my goals is to raise awareness about the extent of this problem. To this end, I dedicate some of my time to investigating Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission complaint records and reporting what I find here on my website. If you think you might have a dram shop (liquor liability) claim and would like to learn about how to proceed, please call me at (855) 326-0000.

In 2010, four partners founded the first Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Austin, Texas, with the idea of creating a fast food joint primarily for adults. In addition to a wide selection of burgers, patrons can also order locally crafted beers and margaritas. At present, alcohol represents nearly 20% of its $50–$55 million in annual sales. Impressively, the brand is pulling in those numbers with only 13 locations, and with plans to expand across the south in the near future, it is likely that its revenue will only continue to grow.

The overwhelming majority of bars I have sued for illegal alcohol service had already come under TABC scrutiny at one point or another before their actions led to a wrongful death or serious injury. These warning signs should never be overlooked. In recent years, authorities have investigated Hopdoddy Burger Bar for allegedly violating liquor laws on two separate occasions.

Before going any further, one thing needs to be made clear: just because an investigation occurred, it does not mean the bar in question violated any laws. When authorities conduct an investigation, it is because they believe there is enough evidence to warrant further inspection. However, no bar should be presumed to have broken the law until convicted in court. By the same token, if authorities investigate a bar but close the case without taking action, it could indicate either innocence or simply insufficient evidence for a conviction. What follows is a list of recent TABC investigations of Hopdoddy Burger Bar.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Locations That TABC Investigated in 2017

San Antonio - 17623 La Cantera Parkway Suite 101


On 01/08/2017, a citizen filed a complaint with authorities alleging that this location had sold alcohol during prohibited hours. TABC followed up with an investigation.

Without an agent present to witness a violation or video evidence to back up a claim, it's practically impossible for TABC to take action against any establishment. In this particular case the investigation turned up no hard proof, so authorities shut the case on 01/29/2017.

Austin - 1400 S Congress Avenue Suite 190 A


A concerned member of the Austin community reported this location to TABC on 10/30/2017 for allegedly dispensing alcohol to a minor. An inquiry into the matter ensued.

Authorities did their best, but came up lacking any corroborating evidence. The investigation ended on 12/18/2017 with no further action.

Texas Law Says Accident Victims Can Sue Bad Bars

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