Bars Investigated by the TABC

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Locations That Have Been Investigated by TABC

Considering A Dram Shop Suit Against BJ's? Here's What You Should Know

In the course of our firm's nearly 30 years suing negligent bars and restaurants, I've gained an extensive understanding of just how widespread the problem of over-service is across our state. To increase the general public's awareness of the extent of the problem, I've made it my mission to examine the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's records of complaints and investigations and share what I find. If you believe you may have a possible Dram Shop case, please give me a call at (855) 326-0000.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse collected $1 billion in revenue in 2017. What started as a small pizzeria in Santa Ana, CA has transformed into a brand that is well-known across America and has opened many new locations in the last decade. But, as with any established brand in the food service industry, they have had their hiccups in Texas when it comes to responsible alcohol service.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has conducted 4 investigations into allegations of improper service or handling of alcohol at BJ's locations since the start of 2017.

Simply because a BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse location was investigated, it does not mean that location has a pattern of violating TABC code. Conversely, if a location has been investigated and investigators do not ultimately issue sanctions, that does not necessarily mean that the alleged violation did not take place. At times, sufficient evidence required to prove that either criminal or administrative violations occurred is hard to come by. We are simply reporting the locations that were put on the TABC's radar for one reason or another by concerned citizens and law enforcement agencies.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse Locations that Have Been Investigated by the TABC Since 2017

Sunset Valley - 5207 Brodie Lane


On 3/26/2018 it was alleged by a member of the community that this location had engaged in a marketing practice violation of some kind.

After a thorough investigation, TABC officials closed the investigation and issued a written warning.

San Antonio - 22410 Hwy 281 North


On 8/15/2017 it was alleged by an alcohol licensee that this location had allowed a breach of the peace by one of their employees. In other words, one of their employees allegedly may have become intoxicated and entered into an altercation with another employee or patron.

TABC investigators wrapped-up their investigation on 11/22/2017 after finding enough evidence to levy a $900 fine.

San Antonio - 5447 Loop 1604 North West


On 2/7/2017 a concerned member of the community alleged that alcohol was sold to an intoxicated person.

After 30 days, the TABC investigators were unable to find corroborating evidence to support the community member's allegation and closed the investigation on 3/7/2017.

Hurst - 952 Loop 820 Northeast


On 7/11/2017 a law enforcement agency alleged that this location had sold alcohol to an intoxicated person.

After an investigation that failed to deliver enough evidence to prove the allegations, the TABC closed their investigation on 9/28/2017.

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